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Trend-Bucking Children's Book Sees Twins Put Parents Up for Sale; a Scheme Steeped in Lessons About the Priceless Love of Family

Masterfully crafted by Dr. Nicole Audet, ‘Parents for Sale’ is about as unconventional as any children’s book comes. When twins Luke and Lucy don’t take care of their pet dog as they promised, their parents put poor old Pistachio up for sale. But the twins have other plans; instead replacing the sign with one declaring “Parents for Sale”. What ensues is a thought-provoking adventure involving a fairy, a witch and an abundance of lessons about the importance of a loving family. Curious? Read on!


Laval, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2015 -- At some point, every frustrated child has entertained the idea of putting their parents up for sale. In her powerful and hugely-entertaining new children's book, Dr. Nicole Audet depicts a set of twins doing just that, with results far more tumultuous than they could have ever expected.

'Parents for Sale' is both thrilling and educational; an unconventional story that will teach children to love animals and their parents – however much work both can be!


In this new 44-page, color-illustrated chapter-book, the Clark family encounters a dilemma. Twins Luke and Lucy don't take care of their dog, Pistachio, as they had promised their parents they would. One day, their mom threatens to sell the dog. A few hours later, when Luke and Lucy's parents go to the store, the twins concoct a plan to get rid of their parents, who could take Pistachio away from them forever.

As the story progresses, three groups of children from different families in the twins' neighborhood approach Luke and Lucy with offers to buy, rent or trade the twins' parents for various reasons. Each offer Luke and Lucy receive doesn't seem worth it, so they decline. But one offer is better than others. A beautiful fairy comes to their door, offering to buy the twins' parents for $300 and send them to look after orphaned children.

The deal sounds great to Luke and Lucy; they accept. But just as they agree to the sale, the fairy changes into her true form – a wicked witch with plans to turn the twins' mom and dad into a stew. The twins try to renegotiate the deal and save their parents from the hungry witch, but to no avail. As they fight with the witch on her magic broom, Pistachio attempts to save the day.

Will Pistachio save the Clark family from their demise? Readers will find out the answer to this and other questions in this tale of morality and responsibility.

"This book pushes children to explore the true value of family; and if it's something worth sacrificing," explains Dr. Audet, a popular author among the French-speaking children's market. "The story takes them on an enchanting adventure where they will discover than no price can be put on a family or pet's love. Caring for a pet and putting up with parents can often be hard work – but I want all children to understand why it's worth it."

Continuing, "The story ironically takes its cues from the real world. When my children were ten and eleven years-old, I bought them a beautiful Golden Retriever on the promise they would be responsible for its care. Of course, after ten walks on the first day I was left doing all of the work, so I threatened to sell the dog. I quickly came to realize how important the pet was to my kids, and we all learned some vital lessons in the process!"

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Nicole Kaukinen comments, "I thought that this was a really cute book. The pictures were great, and really well illustrated. I love how they capture something important from each 1-2 page chapter in the form of an image. I could see this as being used as a read aloud in a primary class, or a book study for an older child. A parent could read this book to their child (or have it read to them) then discuss the twins ideas, if it was a good idea, and what they would do in their situation when the last buyer shows up."

Another reader adds, "This book is a very cute story. My 8 years old read it. He loved it. We both liked the illustrations. Then, he told me the story. He understood the plot, he loves characters and was surprised by the end. I can say that this book teaches him a great lesson on pet responsibility and family values."

'Parents for Sale' is available now: http://bookstore.authorhouse.com/Products/SKU-000992401/Parents-for-Sale.aspx

Softcover | 8.5 x 8.5 in | 44 pages | ISBN 9781496957443

E-Book | 44 pages | ISBN 9781496957450

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About Dr. Nicole Audet
Dr. Nicole Audet has practiced family medicine for more than 30 years. She has published numerous children's book and received national and international literary awards. Her previous titles, originally written in French, include The Félix and Boubou the magical stethoscope series published by Boomerang (7 picture books). Guy Saint-editor published "Your Health Guide." Readers can learn more about Audet's work at www.nicoleaudet.com.