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Paid Surveys 2015 Assists Consumers with News, Links and Information About Online Surveys


Orange, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2015 -- The Internet is more than just a source for entertaining videos. It also provides an important resource for individuals who want to make extra money to supplement their incomes. James Wagner, founder of Paid Surveys 2015, is assisting people who want to begin earning money with paid surveys, but don't know where to start.

"There's a wealth of opportunities in paid surveys and polls," said Wagner, "but separating the legitimate surveys from scams can be difficult. We provide information, news and sources of honest surveys that actually meet the claims they make."

Paid surveys reward consumers in a variety of ways. Some pay in cash, while others offer gift cards, coupons and vouchers. Some manufacturers pay participants for their opinions with discounts on future purchases and free products. Consumers have the satisfaction of knowing their opinion counts and they're helping with valuable input into the products of today and those of the future.

Paid Surveys 2015 provides individuals with news about new opportunities and links where people can register to participate in reputable surveys. Manufacturers welcome input from consumers before they launch new products and when they seek ways to improve established brands to boost sales. To obtain that essential feedback, they rely on polls and surveys.

Many manufacturers offer additional incentives and reward programs for members that include prizes and contest entries in elite giveaways. Virtually anyone can participate in paid surveys if they meet the minimum age requirements. Some surveys seek individuals that use certain products or frequent specific retailers. Each survey is different.

There are distinct advantages to completing paid surveys online. Participants can work on their surveys any time of the day or night and turnaround times for payments to be deposited in accounts are shorter than old-fashioned methods. Participants have multiple payment options, from checks to PayPal accounts.

Paid surveys provide an easy way to earn perks for students looking to stretch their college stipends to seniors seeking ways to supplement their income. Stay-at-home parents and part-times employees can use their spare time to increase their earning power and make life more enjoyable for their families. Reputable paid surveys are free and never ask for money to participate.

Paid Surveys 2015 is a one-stop resource for anyone who wants to begin earning money and perks by completing online surveys. The website provides links to reputable surveys, information about new opportunities, and news about untrustworthy surveys that help protect consumers against unscrupulous scammers.

For more information, call 413-422-2199 or visit Paid Surveys 2015 online.

About Paid Surveys 2015
Located at 2845 Leverton Cove Rd. in Orange, MA, Paid Surveys 2015 was formed to bring awareness to taking paid surveys online for absolutely free while helping people to tell the legitimate survey sites from the scams. Paid Surveys 2015 is an excellent resource for those who are unemployed or those who may just be looking for a little extra cash for the holiday season.

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