Research Revealed Some Easy Meditation Options for Pain


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2015 -- Pain is one of the most undesirable consequences of having arthritis. It can make patients suffer emotionally and physically. There are even those who are unable to do their daily routines and go to work because of pain. However, it seems that there are some pain relief techniques that can potentially help those who suffer from arthritis.

Research revealed some easy meditation options for pain. This practice is believed to be very beneficial to individuals who are suffering from the condition. Meditation is also believed to be helpful for individuals who suffer from other health problems.

David E. Yocum, M.D., director of the Arizona Arthritis Center, has stated that stress, especially that which comes with arthritis flares, can be reduced by relaxation and quieting one's mind. His studies found that sufferers who meditate tend to respond to stress with better hormonal changes, lower heart rates and improved immune function. When combined with traditional medicines, meditation can also help arthritis patients by letting them tolerate pain better.

"There are several meditation techniques available, and there are those that are found to be beneficial to arthritis patients. These techniques are yoga breathing, walking meditation, guided imagery, mindful meditation and transcendental meditation," said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O'Sullivan.

The University of Colorado Cancer Center's Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research Program has a director and associate professor of medicine, Andrea J. Cohen, M.D. She believes that a meditation routine is ideal for patients who gained permission from their healthcare providers to do a walking program. Patients can start doing this by focusing on movements of their body while walking, instead of listening to music or chatting.

Yoga breathing is also believed to be beneficial. Patients can have a two-minute session of focused breathing each morning and evening. They can also use the guided imagery technique for about 20 minutes per session. Other techniques are mindful meditation and transcendental meditation.

Many arthritis sufferers are resorting to natural remedies nowadays ever since the rise of the number of individuals who experienced some side effects from pain relief drug use. Natural remedies have been known to be effective and safe to use. Among the most popular natural remedies are supplements known as glucosamine supplements. Glucosamine has helped thousands of sufferers experience less pain. There were even individuals who testified that they'd been able to do their daily routines and go to work (

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