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Sami the Magic Bear Says "No to Bullying"; Critics Say This Game-Changing Children's Book Is "Wonderful", "Heart-Warming" and "Perfect"

‘SAMI THE MAGIC BEAR - No To Bullying!’ by Murielle Bourdon started life as a compelling idea for tackling the current global bullying epidemic. After seeing huge success and being translated into nine languages, critics are now coming out in force to support this lovable bear’s pertinent message. From Amazon to Readers’ Favorite – Sami is the most popular bear of the moment!


Saint-Hubert, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/04/2015 -- In 2014, Canada's Murielle Bourdon took a huge gamble, plowing her time and finances into a unique new children's book – all out of her passion to help children combat bullying. While many authors are left disappointed, Bourdon's 'SAMI THE MAGIC BEAR - No To Bullying!' has become a roaring success.

Not only has global demand for the book seen it be translated into English, French, Japanese, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi and Arabic – but critics from all four corners have praised the book beyond Bourdon's wildest expectations.

It's easy to see why. Sami is no ordinary bear, and his message could just be life-saving.

Book Synopsis:

SAMI, the magical teddy bear comes to the aid of children who feel alone and who are facing troubling events that occur in the course of their lives. Today, SAMI intervenes in the life of Thomas facing ridicule and bullying and offers him support and helps him to get through these difficult times.

"I'm steadfastly passionate about child welfare, and saw that parents and teachers were at a loss for how to speak directly to children's hearts when it came to bullying," explains Bourdon. "After much agonizing I decided a children's book would be the best way to help kids recognize the signs of bullying and teach them how to prevent becoming a victim. However, its success was going to be a big gamble on my part."

The gamble has more than paid off. Michelle Robertson for Readers' Favorite recently commented, "The author does a fantastic job of creating a friend and a solution to the bullying problem. The book is unique, the dialog and text comprehensible, and the characters highly relatable to young readers. I loved this book. I believe every parent, teacher, guardian and young reader should read this book to help them in any bullying scenario they may come across in their future, whether that be related to themselves or someone else."

Jack Magnus adds, "Bourdon's magic bear offers kids an alternative to being a tattletale that can actually improve the lives of both the tormented kid and his tormentor. I was quite impressed with the creative and practical solution Thomas offers to the Dean of his school and think this book could open the door for some useful adult/kid discussions both at home and in school. Sami the Magic Bear - No To Bullying! is most highly recommended."

Emily-Jane Hills writes, "Murielle Bourdon has created a wonderful, heartwarming story that will help those understand the problem associated with schoolyard bullies. There is a good lesson for everyone to learn in this story, and that is to treat everyone equally and with respect."

With demand for the volume rapidly increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies without delay.

'SAMI THE MAGIC BEAR - No To Bullying!' is available now: http://amzn.to/1DNKQPa

Purchase it in multiple languages, here: http://amzn.to/17Qi87A

This first volume is also available in multiple formats from a wide variety of vendors:

Kobo (eBook and softcover): http://bit.ly/1BOGW77
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About Murielle Bourdon
Murielle Bourdon was born in Longueuil, in the province of Quebec in Canada. She is mother of three young adults.

Since her early childhood she developed a passion for reading, writing short stories and poems, including drawing. Secretary for more than 15 years, she decided in 1996 to change her careers towards creativity and what fascinates her: art and writing.

She returned to school and received a bachelor degree in graphic design. In 17 years, her remarkable artistry creates outstanding achievement for a variety of customers.

At the beginning of 2014 Murielle decides to realize a dream which she secretly had harbored since her young age, and devotes herself to writing and illustration.

By creating a collection of children's books, she wants to share the real and imaginary world which is in her, with young readers.