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SoproCARE Integral in Dr. Stone's Practice


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2015 -- Dentists sometimes find themselves faced with the challenge of trying to explain tooth problems to their patients without being able to show them precisely where the trouble areas were or how to treat them. At Dr. Stone's office, patients have the privilege of being able to observe these trouble areas for themselves by making use of the digital radiography technology available.

The SoproCARE camera is Dr. Stone's choice for digital radiography. This award-winning intraoral camera operates in three different modes to provide intraoral imaging, caries (cavities) detection and gingival inflammation detection.

1. The Perio mode shows the oldest and newest plaque and gum inflammations.
2. The Cario mode detects cavities.
3. The Daylight mode with Macrovision provides magnification up to 110 times—allowing Dr. Stone to watch for the stability and growth of tiny fractures.

Working within a system that achieves optimal patient communication, the SoproCARE assesses the health of the tooth's hard and soft tissue. It illuminates dental tissue with light and the exposed tissue absorbs the energy, reflecting it in fluorescent form. This reflection creates a clear, visible representation of the tooth's condition, which is invisible under normal light.

About SoproCARE
SoproCARE is a pioneer in the market for gingival inflammation detection. A non-destructive periodontal disease, the most common form of gingivitis is plaque-induced gingivitis, caused by plaque on tooth surfaces. Dr. Frank Stone emphasizes, "Gingivitis can be reversed with good oral hygiene. In the absence of treatment, or if not controlled, gingivitis can progress to periodontal disease. The inflammation results in tissue destruction which can ultimately lead to tooth loss."

The SoproCARE system enables a dentist or dental professional to explain to the patient what procedures need to be done and why the treatment being prescribed is necessary.

"Instant gratification," says Dr. Stone before elaborating, "If I notice a crack in the patient's tooth, the intraoral camera can be used to show it to them immediately and to educate them about needed treatment."

Dr. Stone has more than forty years of experience in restorative and esthetic dentistry for adults. He is a multiple-time international American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Smile Gallery award winner. To make an appointment, call 949-786-8234.