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Call a Cooler of Perth Expands Service Area and Free Trial Eligibility Zone

Doing away with heavy, expensive bottles of water, company's service delivers top-quality drinking water, on demand, at far lower costs, Call A Cooler reports


Perth, Western Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2015 -- Call A Cooler, the city's leading filtered water dispenser specialist, announced an expansion of its service area and the eligibility zone for its popular 7-day free trial. The expanded service zone will bring highly affordable, top-quality water to even more businesses and homes in the Perth region, helping customers cut costs and enjoy more healthful and delicious drinking water. A fully serviced Call A Cooler perth water dispenser for offices costs as little as $1.60 per week, making it the most cost-effective and convenient way of all of ensuring a reliable supply of water.

"As even more people in the area come to understand just how much we have to offer," Call A Cooler representative Mark Martin said, "we are pleased to announce an expansion of our service area. That means that both our highly popular free trial and reliable regular service are now available to customers throughout Perth and nearby areas."

With obesity rates rising in Australia, as they are throughout the highly developed world, many residents are looking for easy, convenient ways of cutting down on their caloric intake. That quest has been a boon for the bottled water industry in the country, with research firm Euromonitor International reporting nearly double-digit annual growth in recent years.

While it may offer a low-calorie way of staying hydrated and healthy, bottled water is also expensive and inconvenient. Many residents of Australia, for example, have discovered the hassle associated with regularly lugging large containers of water into place, along with the unpleasant bills that these acquisitions entail.

With its top-quality service, Call A Cooler represents a superior alternative to the bottled water delivery perth companies and residents have sometimes felt was their only choice. The Call A Cooler system includes the kind of reliable cooler that produces fresh, delicious water on demand, whenever it is wanted. Unlike most alternatives, however, Call A Cooler's service centers around a highly effective filter that removes the need to bring in already-bottled water from elsewhere.

That cuts costs greatly, with Call A Cooler customers paying as little as $1.60 per week for a limitless supply of water that invariably exceeds in quality the bottled water pushed by competitors. Call A Cooler's service also makes it far more convenient to enjoy this healthful, great-tasting water, as there is no need to worry about replacing bottles. Call A Cooler's service even represents a more environmentally friendly option, too, since energy is not wasted pointlessly moving filtered, bottled water around the country.

With the company's newly expanded service area, this attractive alternative to the bottled water status quo becomes available to customers throughout Perth and nearby areas. A convenient, no-obligation 7-day free trial that can be easily arranged at the company's website will help new clients understand just how attractive and superior Call A Cooler's filtered water dispener service can be.

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Helping companies and residents throughout Perth and neighboring areas enjoy better, less-expensive drinking water without the hassle, Call A Cooler offers up highly affordable, environmentally friendly water cooler service.