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ViewRenew, LLC Launches Gutter Priority Initiative in Light of Potential Repair Costs

The price of living with clogged gutters far outweighs that of professional cleaning, publishes


Union Grove, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2015 -- Reports from the home improvement industry reveal clogged gutters can result in an average damage repair cost of $7,000 for Wisconsin homeowners. In comparison, the typical rate for gutter cleaning comes in at around $200, less than 3 percent of the potential consequences of leaving clogged drainage systems to their own devices. In light of these figures, Garrett Pfarr of ViewRenew, LLC has launched the company's initiative to make area residents aware of the high cost of ignoring routine gutter cleaning.

Said Pfarr, "Not hiring Milwaukee gutter cleaners can do far more harm than causing a bad odor to linger around a home and leaving the drainage system vulnerable to deterioration. It can actually cause a great deal of ruin to the home and its surroundings if debris is left in the gutters for extended periods of time. The gutters should be cleaned out at least twice each year, and spring and autumn are generally recommended."

Allowing leaves and debris to build up in gutters can certainly damage the drainage system itself, often causing the gutters to pull away from the home and downspouts. This could cause them to be less effective than they should be; at the same time, the resulting obstructed flow of rainwater could bring about far deeper wreckage. Water spilling over to the inside of the fascia can seep into the roof as well, leading to decay and creating a potential breeding ground for mold in the attic.

This overflow can additionally initiate the deterioration process of a home's siding and compromise its structural integrity. Placing landscaping features at risk when water fails to be properly channeled away from the home is another matter with which to contend. Rainwater from improper drainage also tends to accumulate around the foundation of a home, creating gradual deterioration process. Though foundation damage holds the bulk of the possible repair expenses stemming from restricted drainage, all the previously mentioned elements add up considerably.

Pfarr added, "Having gutters professionally cleaned as needed can help stave off the mounting cost of home repairs, but there's also the safety factor to consider. Our team is well trained and certified to do the job properly and safely. We encourage clients to think about our Kenosha window cleaning and pressure washing services as part of their spring cleaning, too. We offer professionalism while focusing on a level of friendliness and courtesy customers just can't find with others in our field."

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