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Bully Stick Shoppe Announces the Launch of Text Message Alerts for Ordering

The company is currently the only dog treat website providing this option, reports BullyStickShoppe.com


New Britain, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/11/2015 -- Bully Stick Shoppe announces the launch of text message alerts that allow a consumer to track their order from processing to delivery. When an order is placed, the consumer obtains the option to receive the order alerts, and the alerts ensure the consumer always knows where their order is or if an issue has arisen. One may choose to receive these alerts when ordering through the website, and they are currently the only dog treat website providing this option.

"Bully Sticks are made using fibrous bull muscle. This muscle is thoroughly cleaned and then twisted or stretched into the desired shape before being baked in the oven or dried out in the sun. The result is a golden brown stick between 30 and 40 inches long that is cut to different sizes for dogs. The stick helps to massage the gums and teeth, producing saliva to help reduce the build up of tartar and plaque," Valerie, spokesperson for Bully Stick Shoppe, explains.

Often referred to as beef sticks, steer sticks or pizzle sticks, the treats come in a wide range of lengths, widths and styles to meet the needs of every pet. These healthy treats continue to increase in popularity because they are completely natural. Owners know their pet is getting a clean and healthy treat free of chemical and preservatives. In addition, the sticks are fully digestible and provide protein that is necessary to good health.

The oral hygiene and health of the pet improves with use of the bully sticks, Valerie continues. The treats halt cavity development while reducing the plaque and tartar build up, and all treats undergo monitoring by the USDA to ensure only high quality ingredients are being provided to the pet. Owners appreciate knowing this when giving a treat to their furry friend.

Many pet owners fail to realize bacteria in the mouth can lead to a variety of diseases throughout the body. Kidney, heart, liver and joint disease often start in the mouth before spreading throughout the body. The bully sticks help to prevent these diseases from spreading, as they remove the bacteria from the mouth.

"Pet owners will find there are a number of bully sticks to choose from. One may wish to purchase Jumbo Bully Sticks or lamb versions, yet others may prefer ones made in the United States or thick treats. With numerous types to select from, every pet owner is sure to find one their dog loves, and Bully Stick Shoppe offers a sample pack for owners who wish to find their dog's favorite treat. Take advantage of this today to improve the dog's health while giving him or her a treat they are sure to love," Valerie declares.

About Bully Stick Shoppe
An online dog treat/bully stick retailer, Bully Stick Shoppe provides dog treats which are sourced and processed in the United States.The company offers the highest quality dog treats available online, and all suppliers maintain strict quality standards. The treats come from strictly grass fed bulls and no hormones are added. In addition, the company supplies limited quantities of braided, thick and jumbo bully sticks.