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Lettuce Love Cafe Fosters Growing Vegan Movement with Launch of New Mobile App

Catering to on-the-go patrons helps further extend healthy dining opportunities to the public, publishes lettucelovecafe.com


Burlington, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/11/2015 -- Recent reports indicate Ontario's vegan population has currently reached an estimated 4 percent with the number of converts expected to increase exponentially over the next decade. Despite this rapidly growing movement, those searching for dining options in this genre find themselves with few alternatives. In answer to this gap in supply and demand, Lettuce Love Cafe opened its doors in 2010.

As this vegan restaurant burlington's most recent service to their public, spokesperson Ken Childs has launched their new mobile app. Childs affirmed, "We're extremely excited about this latest aspect of our restaurant. Subscribing to our mobile app is completely free, and it comes with plenty of features. There's also a special deal available to all new subscribers."

Among the items featured on the app is the food gallery displaying Lettuce Love's entire selection of signature creations. Notifications of upcoming offers are sent to digital patrons on a regular basis. Interactive elements, such as Facebook and Twitter feeds, have been implemented as well as a comment section. Although they began offering a conventional paper card allowing patrons to earn free smoothies some time ago, the mobile app has now taken its place. This gives customers the same opportunities while adding the convenience of a digital format.

In regards to the special deal mentioned by Childs, those who download the app will receive a 50 percent discount on the restaurant's acclaimed Buddha Bowl and one of their exclusive smoothies. The staff plans to send out additional deals via their app in the future. Subscribers are being encouraged to share the mobile app with anyone looking for a local vegetarian restaurant burlington.

Concluded Childs, "We are dedicated to using organic locally grown products in the creation of all our menu items. Our offerings are plant based and gluten free, filling that gap vegans and vegetarians have been facing in the food service industry. Food is an essential source of health, energy, longevity and happiness, and we are committed to helping change the world by passing these aspects along to others through our passion for food. Our mobile app is simply the latest step in sharing our devotion with those in our area."

About Lettuce Love Cafe
Born of a passion for living in harmony with Mother Nature, Lettuce Love Cafe caters to the needs of the vegan and vegetarian movement. Their staff takes pride in providing delicious healthy alternatives to traditional menu options with a focus on utilizing completely sustainable sources.