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Bighorn Law Announces Personal Injury Payouts May Be Limited

This law focuses on uninsured drivers and the amount injured parties may collect following a vehicle crash, announces


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/11/2015 -- In an effort to decrease the number of uninsured drivers in Nevada while lowering insurance premiums for those who do have insurance, Republican Assemblyman Pat Hickey has sponsored a bill which would limit the money collected by an injured party following a car crash to property and medical costs. Injured parties would no longer be in a position to collect noneconomic payouts, such as those for pain and suffering. Bighorn Law feels this measure is of concern as everyone is entitled to fair compensation when injured through no fault of their own.

"Certain exceptions have been laid out in the proposed law, such as an exception for wrongful death claims, Although no action has been taken on this bill in committee yet, all drivers in the state of Nevada need to be concerned about the impact it would have. The Nevada Justice Association estimates 12 percent of drivers within the state fail to have insurance, and that's approximately one in every eight vehicles on the road," Ryan Anderson, spokesperson for Bighorn Law, reports.

Justice isn't an abstract term, as the personal injury attorneys in las vegas like to point out. Justice is created on a daily basis for those who have been injured by another party, and Bighorn Law works to insure these injured parties receive adequate compensation. The attorneys provide advice, represent injured parties in court and fight for the rights of their clients. The team at Bighorn Law strives to reduce the stress the injured party is feeling.

One client suffered injuries following a rear end collision, Anderson explains. The medical expenses quickly mounted, yet the insurance company refused to pay for the required treatment. They offered the client $350,000, but the client opted to turn to Bighorn Law. Before the case made it to trial, the insurance company settled for $1,400,000. This is only one example of the results obtained by Bighorn Law for those who put their trust in the law firm.

The firm offers a free consultation to discuss one's case. Money problems often arise when one is injured in a car accident, and the firm understands this. They want to ensure every individual has access to legal advice when they need it most, and the free consultation is only one of the ways they make certain this is the case.

"Contact Bighorn Law today. No individual should be penalized in the event another party fails to maintain the proper insurance, yet this is exactly what the proposed law would do. Learn your rights and how to protect yourself from uninsured drivers. You can't be too careful, as there are many on the road who fail to live up to their obligations. Sadly, this could end up hurting you," Anderson declares.

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