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Akopyan Law Group Now Provides the Services of Employment Law Attorney in San Fernando Valley


Glendale, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2015 -- Due to fear of losing job, individuals often bear the pain of discrimination and harassment at workplace quietly. So, to empower individuals with their rights, Akopyan Law Group is now providing the services of Employment Law Attorney in San Fernando Valley. In majority of the situations, employees find it difficult to oppose unlawful employment practices due to lack of information about their rights. However, by seeking the services of the law firm, clients are ensured a strong defence against their case that begins with immediate stopping of any kind of illegal conduct at the workplace. The law firm deals with a wide range of cases under employment law services that includes Wrongful Termination Litigation, Constructive Discharge Litigation, Religious Discrimination Litigation, Physical Disability Discrimination Litigation etc.

The legal services of Akopyan Law Group are considered the most reliable, particularly in matters related to Business Law. The law group is well-known for defending their clients against any form of injustice and oppression. Clients can count on the legal assistance provided by the law group as Mr. Akopyan is a well-recognized name in the law circuit and has conferred the honor of California Rising Stars for last four years.

Besides providing the services of Employment Law Attorney in San Fernando Valley, the law group also offers the services of Employment Law Lawyer in Glendale, Age Discrimination Lawyer in Los Angeles, Harassment Attorney in Hollywood and Harassment Lawyers in Los Angeles.

Speaking more about Employment Law, one of the representatives of the Akopyan Law Group stated, "Many employees who are wrongfully terminated in violation of public policy do not know their rights, or the fact that their rights may have been violated. The law is clear that an employer does not enjoy an absolute or totally unfettered right to discharge even an at-will employee. Courts have recognized that an employer's traditional broad authority to discharge an at-will employee is limited by considerations of public policy. Employees who are terminated in violation of public policy may have the right to pursue a remedy in court."

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The Akopyan Law Group is committed to restoring the balance of power against the government, large corporations, and insurance companies alike whenever they seek to deprive people of their rights. They are dedicated to defending their clients against oppression, and believe that the civil justice system is the last remaining place where David can stand on equal footing with Goliath.

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