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Bentonite Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 2025

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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2015 -- Bentoniteis a commercial name for clay mineral montomorillonitethat is formed by weathering of volcanic ash bed in the presence of water. It is an absorbent aluminiumphyllosilicate, essential impure claythat has varied names according to its dominant element. The respective dominant elements include calcium, potassium, sodium, aluminium among others. Along with bentonite, clay named tonsteinis described as clay bed of uncertain origin.Bentonite is used for many purposes, among which calcium and sodium bentonite are used for industrial purposes. In teprochronology and startigraphy, totally weathered ash fall beds are known as K- bentonite that consist of dominant clay genus illite. Other genuses of species that are found to be dominant are kaolinite and montomorillonite. Tonsteins are generally referred as kaolinite clays that are naturally related with coal.

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Sodium bentonite has the characteristic feature of expansion when it is wet. It has the capability of absorbing several times of its dry mass in water. Owing to its excellent colloidal properties, it is used in drilling oil or mud for oil and gas wells and boreholes for environmental and geotechnical investigations. The property of expansion and swelling makes it applicable as a sealant, as it provides low permeability barrier and power of self healing. For example, it is used to line the base of landfills. Calcium bentonite acts as an absorbentof ions in oils, fats and solutions. It also finds application as an industrial cleaning agent. On the other hand, potassium bentonite is a potassium rich illite that is formed by alteration of volcanic ash.

Bentonite has several applications such as drilling fluids to lubricate cutting tools, help prevent blowouts and to remove cuttings. It is used as a binder that are further used as a foundry-sand bond in steel and iron foundries. It is most commonly used for large as well as small castings that use dry molds and wet molds. Sodium bentonite is commonly used for large castings that use dry mold and calcium bentonite is used for small castings that are used for wet molds. It is used as an ingredient in commercially designed ceramic glazes and clay bodies. It is used to decolorize various minerals, animal and vegetable oils and for clarifying beers, liquors wines among others. In the medical industry, bentonite is used as a bulk laxative that is used for various dermatological formulas. Bentonite is also used in construction for making slurry walls.

The major driving factors for bentonite include the growing demand for bentonite from civil engineering applications and the increasing construction activities that include constructing slurry walls and as sealant are expected to fuel the growth for bentonite marketin near future. The growth of the market is expected to be hindered by stringent requirements together with the increasing transport cost. These factors are expected to slow down the growth of bentonite market.

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The key segments include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World (RoW).Asia Pacific is expected to be the largest consumer of bentonite owing to major construction activities in countries such as India and China. North America is also expected to fuel demand for the market due to various engineering applications in the region.The key companies profiled include: BentonitePerformance Minerals LLC, Ashapura Group of companies, Black Hills Bentonite LLC, Cowboy Mining Company, Wyo-Ben Inc, and Kutch Minerals among others.

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