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San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2015 -- Magatune is a recently launched online music and entertainment portal that features exclusive content of music and entertainment industry as it will allow the artists and fans across the globe to be in touch with each other. This culturally diverse website primarily focuses on bringing worldwide awareness to some of the world's most talented artists. It houses a multiplicity of independent art forms all under one roof. The articles and featured blog posts on Magatune will resonate with both fans and artists and is a tremendous opportunity for fans to update themselves about music and entertainment and learn more about their favorites and day-to-day affairs.

The world of music on the Internet is a vast one, and because one might not know about every single music site out there or sometimes forget the jewels that exist, Magatune covers it all. Music and entertainment plays a significant role and holds a special place in every person's life. That is why the online writers with their in-depth research and knowledge offer "highly addictive stories" on the news, showbiz and lifestyle stories curated by a dedicated editorial team. Interviews, sessions, lists, reviews, well-crafted articles; it's a veritable feast of music discovery. Diverse in its content, the site also offers peer-reviewed scholarly and practical articles on current trends and the latest in products and services in the music and entertainment world. Every one of the web publishers makes an effort to connect with their audience and cover topics that are always sought after.

Apart from music, the entertainment section also comprises of unusual and appealing articles revolving around party, fashion and so on. For instance, article such as 'Things to Know About Wedding Tents' talks about how many couples envision a backyard wedding. So, a wedding tent rental for the marriage function can be the ultimate means of being able to possess the wedding that couples dream about. The article tells how to rent a tent for outdoor wedding reception, how to decorate wedding tents, getting great deals that can save a lot of cash. Or articles could revolve around party ideas, such as how to celebrate Bar/ Bat Mitzvah, factors to consider in terms of size, d├ęcor, and mementos.

If planning a perfect party or trying to arrange for a perfect wedding entertainment, get inspiration, entertainment ideas and party ideas from the website. Whether it is a stag or hen do, anniversary party, engagement party, school formal, birthday party or even an outdoor Fete/ Festival, think of Magatune as one-stop website for fun and fabulous party entertainment articles.

About Magatune
Visitors to the portal can expect nothing less than quality, and entertaining material regularly presented without compromise. Magatune covers what is good, bad and breaking right now in music and entertainment industry.