Co-Founder Paul Beck Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Start Manufacturing UnderFit Undershirts

Co-founder Paul Beck and his team believe that they have designed the most comfortable undershirt that remains tucked all day and makes users look and feel better. Their funding requirement for this product is $10,000.


St Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2015 -- Choosing the correct undershirt has never been an easy thing to do. Most of the regular undershirts available on the market are shapeless, have excess fabric, and often come untucked. Unfortunately, all these factors can lead to sloppiness in terms of feelings and looks. Paul Beck and his team have solved this problem with their uniquely designed undershirts. Now, they have redesigned the shirts to make them even better.

UnderFit undershirts are different from the commonly available products because they are longer all around to stay tucked all day and tapered cut to fit the body better. These undershirts provide a light, body-hugging fit with its premium stretchy fabric. It also offers a tailored fit to relieve users from the dreaded undershirt gut appearance. Like the shape of the human body, UnderFits are wider at the shoulders and chest and narrower by the waist.

UnderFit undershirts are made from ProModal fabric that offers exceptional softness, a stretch that moves with the body, excellent temperature regulation, advanced moisture absorption, and odor resistance. Equipped with moisture-wicking technology, this fabric limits moisture to reduce odor causing bacteria.

The funding requirement for this project is $10,000. This amount will cover the cost of purchasing the fabric and manufacturing the shirts. It is also relevant to mention here that for every individual undershirt sold, UnderFit provides a day's worth of meals to impoverished children in the Dominican Republic through The Joan Rose Foundation. UnderFit is inviting all to be a part of their recently launched Kickstarter campaign, and help their cause. This project will only be funded if at least $10,000 is pledged by June 3, 2015.

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About UnderFit
UnderFit was created by Ben Brockland, David Palmer and Paul Beck when they couldn't find an undershirt that would stay tucked throughout the workday. The annoying re-tucks pushed them over the edge. Throughout the next two years, they repeatedly tested the designs until the perfect material and fit was accomplished.