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Marketing Agency, Cloud 21, Represents 6 Independent Short Films at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival from May 13-24, 2015


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2015 -- Cloud 21 is a marketing and public relations agency located in Los Angeles, CA. The agency promotes products and brands for clients who span the globe. This year, the whiz kids of Cloud 21 will be representing six extraordinary films at the Cannes Film Festival. The list of these notable independent shorts include Artificio Conceal, Medea Melea, Imaginary Fiend, Twice Born, Aquarium, and A Ring Thing.

Cloud 21 continues to represent quite an accomplished line up of award-winning filmmakers, producers, writers, directors and actors at this year's Cannes. To name a few, Artificio Conceal by writer, producer and director, Ayoub Qanir, is an official selection in 25 different festivals. Sandra Seeling, actress and producer who stars in A Ring Thing is the visionary and organizer behind the Evolution Mallorca Film Festival. Bemio McCrea of Aquarium, has won numerous awards for his previous film, Retribution. Robert Riley will showcase Twice Born at Cannes to attract the attention of potential investors and studios to develop a TV series. Russian Tatar Writer and Director, Diana Galimzyanova will be screening Imaginary Fiend and discuss future ventures. Christos Karabelas with Medea Melea is seeking co-production and distribution opprtunities at Cannes.

From May 13-24, 2015, Cloud 21 will be representing their clients and partnering with key players in the film and entertainment industries, including Limelight Digital. The two companies have formed an official business alliance, expanding Cloud 21's reach and offerings. Limelight Digital is a media, marketing, and distribution company based out of Paris, France. The new startup will be officially launching their business brand by hosting an exclusive party along the French Riviera during Cannes. This new partnership will enable both Cloud 21 and Limelight Digital to offer live social streaming and digital strategy for some of the most luxurious lounges throughout the Cannes Film Festival.

To make an even bigger splash at Cannes this year, Cloud 21 has developed its own official, one-of-a-kind app. This new app was made specifically for their clients to help with networking and outreach while navigating the numerous activities and opportunities taking place at Cannes.

Learn what their unique app can do by visiting:

The app has given Cloud 21's clients, partners and other business associates to tap into an un-cluttered domain. With much noise on Social Media channels and the Internet, the app has provided great exposure to all parties. This is a strategic move for Cloud 21 and the future clients can expect dynamic strategies when it comes to working with Cloud 21. The agency has also partnered with, bringing the hottest invites ever seen at the festival. Uviaus created Uvideo, a video player device embedded within a paper card that will be distributed to thousands of people attending this year's festival. It will literally be the "Hot Ticket" to parties on the Croisette.

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