REBEK Announces Launch of REBEK ZERO Line of Nicotine Free E-Liquids for the Cleanest Vaping Experience Yet

REBEK has created a new suite of delicious vaping e-liquids that contain no nicotine, helping newcomers try it out, and users continue the habit, without the addictive properties.


Kettering, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2015 -- Vaping now seems to be taking over from smoking among many demographics. Originally intended as a means by which people could attempt to stop smoking, the tarless water-vapour based delivery mechanism, customizable flavours and the ability to use them indoors, has led to their growing popularity as a replacement for cigarettes, rather than a quitting aid. Many more like the look of vaping, but don't want to become addicted to Nicotine. REBEK, one of the leading e-liquid manufacturers, has now developed a line of nicotine free e-liquids called REBEK ZERO, to help more people try vaping without any risk of addiction.

The new ZERO line is available in the complete range of flavours, including blueberry, cherry, fruit punch, menthol, strawberry and tobacco. The last one is ideal for those still looking to quit smoking, as it will mirror the experience without delivering nicotine to the system.

The ZERO line comes in the same 30ml sizes as the nicotine items, which themselves can be ordered with variable strengths depending on user preference. The items are available on the online store now, all featured with high quality image previews and detailed product descriptions, clear pricing and easy and secure payment options.

A spokesperson for explained, "We want people to vape because they want to, not because they have to. While many people love the rush of the nicotine hit and these will likely always be our most popular products, we wanted to offer an alternative for clean-living individuals who want to try out vaping without the risk of addiction, as well as helping those who started vaping with the intention to quit to keep up the habit without the addiction. These products are every bit as varied and delicious as their nicotine alternatives, meaning everyone can enjoy the same experience."

REBEK International Limited is a UK company providing high quality e-cigarettes, e liquids and accessories. All products are strictly tested for quality, purity, flavor and intensity before being offered to customers. Premium e liquids from REBEK are packaged, tested and delivered from the United Kingdom to customers throughout the world.

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