Emmanuel Fleurantin and the Impact of Social Media


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2015 -- The world seems to be getting smaller with the wide usage of social networking platforms. People can reach out to their friends, families and even strangers; those who live on the other side of the globe. These social media platforms have also helped people to save their money and contact their loved ones whenever they want to. Since social media has taken over the internet, it has become too common for people to stay connected with people they know.

This independence to contact anyone at anytime has raised several serious issues regarding negative consequences that this type of freedom may cause. For example, Facebook which is widely used by young people and adults across the globe has become a giant network whereby people can meet several others without even revealing their identities. Though most people do not entertain fake profiles, most do create one to hide from individuals who know or even might recognize them. There are men and women who create fake profiles on Facebook and other social networking platforms to stay in touch with others without getting noticed. This is usually done by people who are already in a relationship with someone else.

But evil does not last long. Nowadays, if a person doubts his/ her spouse of infidelity on a social networking site, he/ she can take legal permissions to know the details of the account and use it as an evidence for divorce. This is also one of the reasons that divorce cases are at an all time high rate.

And not just with couples, social media has also spoilt some prestigious professions such as teaching. Not too long ago, one high school principal in Florida resigned because of the students' use of social media. These students were writing disparaging remarks on the sanitary condition of their school. This was a hot topic in Florida for several months. In another instance, students were posting solutions to exams using Facebook; hence using social media to cheat. Now school administrators in the US have become sterner in handling such cases of cheating and use of social media within educational campuses.

A social media expert, Emmanuel Fleurantin has helped many people in Florida tackle different problems associated with social media platforms. Emmanuel Fleurantin is based in Miami-Dade, and has gained great popularity for his work. Fleurantin believes that people tend to think that no one watches over them while they are being active on social media or the internet. But sooner or later, light shines on the darkness. The culprits are left with no choice but to admit their wrongdoings. Fleurantin also suggests that one should be clear about his feelings especially to his significant other. Embracing the digital media to cheat on your partner is the worst way of running away from reality.

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