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How to Heat 850,000 Litres of Waste Spring Water: South Thames Plumbing and Heating Comments


Sunbury on Thames, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- Plumbing and its innovations have been of especial interest recently, considering the news that Bath Abbey is set to potentially benefit from accessing the ancient roman plumbing system. The romandrains are based under the site of the abbey, and engineers have extensive plans to provide underfloor heating by tapping into thermal springs. It is anticipated that this spring-water system can be used as a kind of eco-heating to the ancient building, and has been celebrated as a feat of old achievements meeting new innovations.

Plumbing is an ever-progressing industry and this ability to incorporate old and new is inspiring. In regards to Bath Abbey, it is anticipated that about 850,000 litres of waste spring water is filtered to Avon each day. It would be a considerable achievement of sustainability, engineering and plumbing practice if this could be used for heating instead.

Currently the project is in the process of consideration with engineers considering the drains to see if the plan can be fully exercised. It has certainly caused considerable excitement in the industry, with experts South Thames Plumbing and Heating quick to reflect.

"We think the news regarding Bath Abbey is extremely exciting," A spokesperson told us "As ultimately it highlights how fresh and innovate plumbing and heating services today can be. As a plumbing business ourselves, we strive to combine traditional structures with modern techniques and a passion for sustainability. What is essential about the project in Bath is the attitude of the approach for a more environmentally friendly system than that which is currently in place. This aspect of keeping green can be a prospect for anyone – especially regarding their boiler and heating considerations. It goes to show that there are more ways to be sustainable than you think, and as experts we want to urge you to consider your plumbing and heating choices!"

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