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Better Boiler Saves Up to £40,000: Speedy Gas Comments on the News


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- The importance of having an efficient boiler has been made evident by the recent news regarding the installation of a new boiler at PluscardenAbbey, near Elgin, Scotland at the end of 2012. The Abbey is a monastery, the oldest occupied in Britain, with 22 Benedictine monks in residence. Before the new boiler installation, the previous gas-run system was costing about £40,000 a year. It has been replaced with a new biomass boiler which is now making about £17,000 for the order, saving significantly on previous costs.

The news highlights therefore the importance of having an efficient boiler and how much money can potentially be saved. Highlighting the success of effective heating systems, even in an ancient structure, emphasizes how boiler technology can be adapted for a wide variety of circumstances. It certainly has brought much benefit to the monastery, as well as saving money which can be invested in other areas, such as the restoration of the building. In parallelism, a domestic family can potentially make significant savings when opting for a more efficient model of boiler according to their circumstances.

Speedy Gas are leading providers of boiler installation and related services, as well as being frequent commentators in the industry. They have been quick to comment in light of the latest news.

"The story from the monastery in Elgin highlights how having a better boiler can make massive savings," A spokesperson said " although you may have an annual service for your boiler and believe this is sufficient, your old model will eventually reach a point where it may be costing you much more than is viable.

At Speedy Gas, we will be able to recommend the most efficient boiler for your circumstances, and in the long-term. By investing in a modern, sustainable boiler like the example in Elgin, this will allow you to save in bills and related costs over time. It is worth considering."

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