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Housing Survey and Landlord Issues: Richard Webster Reflects


Hampshire, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- According toa 2015 Redbrick Survey, up to half of students would not recommend their landlord to others interested in renting property. The housing survey involved 115people from 3 March to 4 April of which 93% were renting with a letting agent, incorporating 27 different agents all together.

There were potentially shocking statistics in regards to how tenants feel treated in regards to property and the law. Many emphasised that they believed that their landlords were not fulfilling the appropriate obligations. For example 70% reported hot water issues being poorly addressed, whilst 51% reported mould and 41% had boiler issues. These figures suggest a significant proportion of people interviewed had property problems which were potentially aggravated by landlord negligence.

Richard Webster is a team of experienced solicitors that are extensively qualified in a number of legal fields. They were quick to comment in light of these figures.

"It is essential, as a tenant of a property, that you feel your needs are being appropriately addressed within the landlord's obligations," A spokesperson told us "For example, basic maintenance and household repairs are often a landlords responsible and should be promptly addressed when reported.

However, part of this is that tenants need to know how to efficiently report any problems they have and also have the full awareness of their landlord's obligation to them, and vice-versa. With our experts in employment law we work to provide full information regarding landlord and tenant viability, and hope that others do also."

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