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Facebook Cracks Down on Fake Like Companies, Website Marketing Lancashire Responds


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- Leading UK online marketing company, Website Marketing Lancashire, has recently commented on the news that Facebook have been cracking down on companies selling fake likes to businesses looking to appear popular on the major social network.

The social network site, Facebook, have recently removed over 200,000 pages of fake likes, to bring authenticity back to how popular a page actually is. It also helps businesses from wasting money on likes which don't have an impact on the company's site visits and sales.

Facebook have warned that fake likes don't have any benefit, as they determine if a post trends by how much engagement it receives, which can only be done organically. Administrators of Facebook pages will know if likes have been removed from their site due to them being fake, as Facebook contact page administrators to fill them in on the details.

The clicks removed are often originate from click farms, fake accounts, and malware, all of which Facebook have been keeping an eye on when determining which links need removing from pages.

Often commenting on industry news, a spokesperson for Website Marketing Lancashire said, 'Facebook cleaning up against these 'Facebook Like' companies has been a long time coming, and it was always an eventuality, rather than a maybe. Non organic techniques to raise a company's profile is illegitimate, and doesn't really benefit the company who buys these likes. What good is a like from someone who has no intention of using a company's services?

Our methods on social media to bring in followers and likes for a company are completely organic, using white hat techniques, which make for long lasting results and followers who actually want to buy products or use services your site offers. Our team can engage the key audience for you, so you don't have to!'

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