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Anston Paving Stones Offers Consultations for Futuristic Projects


Clayton, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- Anston Paving Stones announced that it is offering consultations to assist residential customers, commercial enterprises and public entities plan their paving projects now and for the future. The firm is the company of choice when individuals require granite pavers Melbourne.

Leaders of vision are planning now for their city's future needs to avoid rising costs and ensure that metropolises and municipalities have the necessary facilities and adaptations to remain compliant with laws and serve the public good. The consultations offered by Anston Paving Stones is assisting officials address existing needs and anticipate future requirements.

The firm has won numerous awards at some of the most prestigious design shows in the world. The company's creations are popular among celebrities, along with architects and master landscape designers who are also award winners. The company provides a full range of pavers and pool coping to meet the needs of clients throughout the Melbourne area.

Benches, cubes and spheres are available in a variety of colours and sizes that can be used as accent pieces to add interest in public spaces. The landscape pieces can be incorporated into virtually any project. Light bollards offer an effective safety measure and crime deterrent.

Steps and risers can be created for any dry land usage and pool coping is available for public pools and aquatic points of interest. The coping is appropriate for concrete and fibreglass constructions and existing projects can be retrofitted to accommodate changing needs and requirements.

Anston Paving Stones offers one of the most extensive ranges of paving stones available, encompassing multiple colors, patterns, sizes and thicknesses. The firm is a leader in tactile paving stones and surface indicators that provide essential navigation assistance to the visually impaired in urban and metropolitan areas. Pavers are available for parks, focal points and decorative purposes in an array of environments.

About Anston Paving Stones
The pavers offered by the firm are decorative and functional. Pavers are handmade by experienced craftsmen to ensure uniformity for projects of any size. The firm's paving stones are designed to meet and exceed load requirements established by the Concrete Masonry Association of Australia. Anston Paving Stones products are the first to utilize carbon neutral processes that are environmentally friendly.

The consultations offered by the granite pavers Melbourne enable city and commercial leaders to avail themselves of the firm's professionals with expertise that spans more than 20 years in the industry. Visionaries have the opportunity to see their projects of the future implemented in the present with intelligent design by Anston Paving Stones.

For more information, call 1300 788 694 or visit Anston Paving Stones online.

Bruce Grogan & Ken Connor
Managing Directors
Anston Paving Stones
Phone: 1300 788 694