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Rilove Smart Ring Creator Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Production Funds

Rilove Smart Ring is the latest in personal management devices that allow users a simple way to control all their devices and media in one easy way. Now, the creator of this innovative product has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for a first-run production of this unique device.


Nanjing, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- The Rilove Smart Ring is a gesture-controlled, wearable ring that allows the user to manage a number of tasks with a flick of the finger.  Created by Minds Wear, a group of students who specialize in using their talents to create innovative products, the Rilove Smart Ring is poised to change the way that people use personal tracking software and devices.  The ring focuses on the needs of a younger generation.  Rather than tracking heart rate or sleep patterns, the Rilove Smart Ring allows users to engage in activities such as answering incoming calls, operating a smart phone camera and even skipping songs on an MP3 player.

The Rilove Smart Ring comes in a sturdy but fashionable case available in several colors.  Easy to wear and lightweight, the device goes anywhere the wearer goes in comfort and style.  Users can keep their smart rings on at the club, at school, while shopping or just going about day-to-day activities.  The Rilove Smart Ring charges quickly with the included charger and allows users to monitor and control many activities in which they engage every day.  While wearing the smart ring, users can easily manage all of their common technological activities simply by moving their fingers.

Located at , the IndieGoGo campaign offers several pledge levels ranging from $1 to $480 and perks that include a prototype model of the Rilove Smart Ring.  For more information on pledge levels and associated prizes, see the IndieGoGo page.

About Rilove Smart Ring
The Rilove Smart Ring takes the place of bulky or hard-to-handle controllers, letting users operate their smart phones, cameras and music players easily with hand gestures.  Created by the innovative Minds Wear group, this smart ring is fashionable and trendy as well as practical and useful.

Contact Person: Fei Tien
Company: Minds Wear
Address: Nanjing, jiangsu Province, China
Phone: 339-079-0217