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Debt Relief Theory Exposed by Andy Shaw

Canada has become the latest country to be exposed for families entering financial issues, while the key to alleviating financial issues is exactly what entrepreneur Andy Shaw says he has the answer to during a video just recently released on YouTube.


Steyning, West Sussex -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- Today, it's not just that governments are seeking options to a growing national debt crisis, but numerous regular working individuals from all over the world are currently trying to find some kind of fast financial relief. It has actually just been reported that a growing cross-section of Canadian households is extremely indebted, leaving them more prone to any economic shift such as job losses, illness or increasing borrowing expenses. More than a third of households had a debt-to-income ratio above 2.0 since 2012, implying their overall financial obligation level was at least twice that of their yearly net income, according to a brand-new paper released by Statistics Canada.

The findings are similar to the Bank of Canada's assessment of debt trends in Canada, which seems to suggest that much of the nation's financial crisis is focused in a small portion of homes. It noted in December that 12 percent of households have a total debt-to-income ratio above 250 percent, and though this portion has been stable in the last few years, it has actually virtually doubled 2000 levels, with these one-in-eight homes holding about 40 percent of overall debt. The Statscan paper comes as Canada's debt-to-income ratio has actually increased further, hitting a record 163.3 percent in the 4th quarter of 2014. The central bank has long mentioned home financial obligation as an essential threat to the economy, though it did cut interest rates in January to counter another threat of decreasing oil prices.

In a recent video published on YouTube by millionaire Andy Shaw, a claim has actually been made to have really found an option for financial relief. During a live type podcast, Andy states: "If you owe money, and want to be free of it, then the very first step to consider is the method you consider financial obligation." He asserts that by simply discovering this trick, people would know for certain that they could remove their debt with the least possible effort. Andy said: "When individuals ask me the best ways to get out of a financial crisis I tell them, initially they should repair their mind by raising their level of awareness. Just because Einstein stated that no problem could be fixed from the same level of awareness that created it, individuals in debt don't wish to hear that, they simply need a plan for getting out of their financial problems, which I clearly don't have in their terms, though I do have a cunning strategy that's ensured to work."

"But that is the plan!" states Andy on a more serious note, who adds: "Individuals choose to raise their level of awareness later, after they are out of debt, but it doesn't work like that. Success is about doing the right things in the right order. You cannot put the icing on a cake before you have baked it, but our egos tell us that it's alright for him, he's done it, there's a faster way, you can find it, however you just keep looking." Finest selling author of "Creating A Bug Free Mind," Andy Shaw finished by saying: "If individuals have an issue they wish to be rid of, the starting point is to first fix their mind, the starting point is not to try to fix the issue. Do not hesitate to quote me on that one. Really, but, the actual option alleviating yourself from financial obligation comes from starting and applying the Bug Free Mind Process to your life. Unleashed willpower, and a high regard for positive thinking are simply 2 qualities that can be satisfied by following the first 5 complementary chapters of "Using A Bug Free Mind," suitable for any age groups, with instant access to the success guide offered on abugfreemind.com"

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