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World's First Local Business Diagnostic Tool Now Available to Businesses from Darren Jansen


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2015 -- This week Darren Jansen and DSX Media announced plans to release their highly proclaimed "Local Business Diagnostic Tool," a technology that allows business owners to discover all the places their competitors are getting leads.

The system can be seen at http://localbusinesstool.com/

The software rapidly combs the Web to find every place a competitor is advertising, marketing, receiving publicity, being mentioned, talked about, or getting reviews. Businesses can learn how many leads the competitor is receiving and how much they are paying for some of their marketing efforts.

"This information can be gold to a small or medium sized business. We can quickly find out if their prospective customers are being snatched by a competitor. We can locate all the places the competitor is having success plus the highly beneficial places the competition hasn't yet discovered. This information gives the business owner a huge opportunity to quickly dominate the marketplace," said Darren Jansen, CEO and founder of DSX Media.

Results are often impressive. One user got a big 1,600 percent increases in targeted leads. Then using professionally written sales scripts converted 75 percent of the leads to customers. This means any advertising or marketing expenses can immediately be offset by new sales.

"This is a complete win-win for businesses. Even though they may be still investing in marketing, their efforts are now highly targeted and focused on the right places. Owners of our system are earning far more in increased revenues than they are spending on advertising," Jansen said.

This is why the "Local Business Diagnostic Tool" combined with our "World First Self Funding Advertising Model" has been labelled a god send for small to medium businesses. The "Local Business Diagnostic Tool" uncovers all the opportunities and the "World First Self Funding Advertising Model" allows even small businesses with a small initial investment to garner leads in their chosen market and over time build an impressive amount of web assets that drive inquiry to the business 24/7. Attention has come from businesses of all sizes from around the world along with government departments who have expressed an interest in wanting to teach the system in training courses.

The System and Software are available only through this link as a very limited launch special http://localbusinesstool.com/vsl

DSX Media announced this week the system has been made available to small and medium sized businesses. The initial focus is on helping professional practices such as attorneys, accountants, dentists and doctors. These are busy professionals in highly competitive fields who need up to date information on how their competitors may be getting new customers in the local marketplace.

"The last thing you want is for a competitor to be snatching your customers. Once you have a full picture of all their marketing and advertising activity, you can tell exactly what the competitor is doing, their results, even how much they're paying," Jansen said.

"The ability to form a strategic, self funding plan from the information provided has given our clients a breath of fresh air. A clear and concise actionable plan that can be rolled out immediately or overtime is a huge bonus meaning we are not restricted to the top end of town with bigger advertising budgets to get results. Even small mom and pop shops can benefit from the plan knowing exactly what to do when profits have started to roll in. Thus some of the profits can be re-invested to build more online assets to drive inquiry hence the Self Funding Growth Model" he also said

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