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Cloud-Based Supply Chain Management by Ultriva Looks at Open Versus Closed Loops


Cupertino, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2015 -- "The Case for Cloud-based Supply Chain Management Today" was authored by leading industrial journalist, Thomas R. Cutler. Cutler asserts suppliers are faced with the difficult and time consuming task of reviewing and interpreting the plan, identifying changes from the previous plan, and reviewing production capabilities. Suppliers must acknowledge the customer with acceptance or rejection of the plan. This messy process is usually followed by a series of telephone conversations, emails, and texts, addressing supplier questions and concerns, all followed by rescheduled requests and confirmations.

This open-loop process is reliant upon email, telephone, and texts (even archaic faxes), as the primary means of communication. Invariably this leads to multiple process breakdowns, miscommunications, and poor performance. These dated and inefficient modalities add unnecessary time, cost, and aggravation to the supply chain process due to the high non-value add component.

Cloud-based Supply Chain Execution (SCE) solutions Define Lean Efficiencies

It is the very dissatisfaction with the status quo which drives executives to pursue better processes. The "old way" of communicating with suppliers created so many breakdowns and inefficiencies that most companies recognized that place of their constraint and proactively sought cloud-based SCE solutions. The communication process is quickly acknowledged as a constraint of the existing system.

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