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With Podemos in Effect, Hopefuls Wish to Overcome Corruption in Velez Malaga and Andalucia


Marbella, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2015 -- Ahead of the May 24, 2015, elections in the beautiful Andalucia region of Spain, hopefuls are looking for a champion against corruption that has plagued the area. While many political figures call for a fight against corruption or boldly deny any such incidents, locals of Velez Malaga and the entire Andalucia region are optimistic that the governmental and legal corruption that occurs in the area can be thwarted with a win for Podemos.

Podemos is a grassroots initiative that launched in early 2014 in Madrid, Spain. The emergence of Podemos is a token of a single faction who wishes to change perceived imbalances within the Spanish government. The group focuses on social redistribution, economical change, and defense of public services while calling for auditing of public officers and transparency within the government. Podemos also demands primary elections for political candidates.

Inma Ales Martin of the Partida Andalucista and Antonio Martin of the Partida Popular are two mainstream candidates in the May 25, 2015, Andalucia elections, and both of these figures have been found to be personally involved in corruption, abusing their power while in office for personal gain. A win from Podemos could help the people of Velez Malaga and the Andalucia region restore faith into a government that injects a common sense approach back into its operation.

Podemos takes a stance of using practical strategies and methods instead of basing its works on the ideologies of a government seemingly built on a deck of cards. While Andalucian political figures are denying corruption or promising its admonishment, Podemos wishes to meet the problems face to face.

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About is dedicated to revealing the depth of corruption within the legal infrastructure in Andalucia, a systematic disparity that affects the economy, residents, and tourists of Southern Spain.

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