Michael Daly

Irish Tenor Features Timeless Tunes of Ireland, the British Isles and America


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- Michael Daly is a brilliantly-voiced Irish Tenor ringing in many different classics including the most popular Irish songs in eight diverse albums that he has devoted his life to developing. Michael Daly prides himself on providing his own interpretations of some of the finest pieces of culturally rich music available worldwide. Michael Daly is ringing in the summer with timeless tunes of Ireland, the British Isles and America.

Those interested in enjoying any of Michael Daly's wide selection of Irish, British and American classics can do so by visiting his website where he features free samples for all of his music. Michael Daly also performs beautiful renditions of Christian hymns, lullabies and classic love songs that will keep listeners coming back.

Michael Daly, Irish Tenor, features eight classic albums. He starts with "Ireland from Glen to Glen" and "Going Home," where Michael Daly pays homage to his deep and rich Irish heritage. In "Love Calling," "Love Answers" and "Brave Love," Michael Daly sings touching love songs that will bring couples together over a candlelight dinner.

In "Singing God's Glory," Michael Daly offers respect to his Christian upbringing, singing in the church and honing his skills as a youth. Likewise, in "Your Christmas" Michael Daly pays tribute to the Christian holiday while singing some of the most classic holiday tunes around. Michael Daly also provides a huge service to new parents with his album "Michael Daly Sings Baby Lullaby Songs." In this album, he soothingly delivers lullabies that will put sleepy heads to rest.

Coming from a rich Irish heritage and raised by Irish immigrants as the oldest of several siblings, Michael Daly will never forget the rich heritage behind the music that he delivers. Each album and song he delivers contains a part of himself. Listeners may turn on Michael Daly during a cool, rainy evening and believe they've been transported to the verdant fields of Ireland.

Individuals interested in purchasing music from Michael Daly, Irish Tenor, can find him online, where the Irish music singer features all of his albums as well as individual songs for purchase. He can be contacted directly through a contact form available on his website. Additionally, he can be reached by e-mail at info@MichaelDalyTenor.com. Michael Daly strives to address inquiries personally, so don't hesitate to contact him today.

About Michael Daly, Irish Tenor
Michael Daly is an Irish Tenor Singer who performs a variety of popular Irish folk songs, songs of love, Christian hymns and more. His latest albums, containing great love songs and famous Broadway and Movie hit songs, are available for purchase. All of his albums are available to purchase through his website.

For more information, please visit his website https://www.michaeldalytenor.com/