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NYC SoHo Where Poltergeists Shop

Can a few wild and crazy spirits from mid 19th century NYC still be wandering the back streets of SoHo looking for a good time or even a place to shop? Maybe so, says New York's Ghost Doctors.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- Back in the 1850's SoHo NYC was known for its expensive hotels, fine dining and high end shopping -- but it was equally famous for its side street's activities which would give sin city a run for its money even today. From sailors looking for a night out on the town to the elite rich more than willing to drop a bundle of cash – what happened in SoHo stayed in SoHo! And now over 150 years later, Pete and Stew Kandel (known as Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides aka the "Ghost Doctors" are hitting the Belgian block streets of this designated historic NYC district in search of some paranormal high rollers and shoppers.

"It seems that SoHo has always been a focal point in the ever changing landscape of the city," says Dr. Stew. "Starting from the early part of the 19th century, this area was known as the busiest section of the city. The who's who of that time, lived, worked and most importantly, played there."

With this in mind,the Ghost Doctors are leading groups of adventure seekers on actual ghost hunting expeditions through the winding streets of this historic area in search of some of those very same "playful spirits."

After a crash course in the fundamentals of paranormal investigations including the use of a variety of electronic equipment the Ghost Doctors' groups of amateur ghost hunters are more than ready to hit Soho's cobbled streets in search of poltergeists who lived in this ever evolving neighborhood.

And how this area has evolved -- from a swanky neighborhood that attracted New York's rich and famous, to later becoming the city's center for sweat shops manned by migrating immigrants from southern and eastern Europe. This demographic shift was also accompanied by a noted change in the very architectural essence of SoHo as well.

"During the 1860's and continuing for another 30 years the area was transformed into what today is known as the largest collection of cast iron architecture in the world," says Dr. Pete. "In fact, it is believed by some in the paranormal community that iron is able to attract and absorb ghostly energies making this New York neighborhood one heck of a place for spirited investigations."

Moreover the Ghost Doctors have investigated this cast iron wonderland for quite some time and they may have unlocked some intriguing secrets from its paranormal past. To view a nighttime video of one of their SoHo explorations, go to the Ghost Doctor's website ( ), which definitely makes for one eye opening viewing experience.

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