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Epic Gaming Controls Publishes Editor's Picks to Highlight Recommended Products

Epic Gaming Controls regularly reviews hundreds of gaming peripherals, devices and more, and now has a special section dedicated to those they determine are the best of the best.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- Computer games are now the biggest entertainment industry in the world, and it's easy to see why. In film, a genre is often a collection of tropes or a visual aesthetic, where in gaming a genre can entirely redefine the experience. First person, third person, strategy, role play – the diversity has created unparalleled success by combining storytelling with a user-defined experience. Interacting with games is nevertheless still imperfect, and controls can be the most frustrating part of a game if realized badly. Epic Gaming Controls regularly reviews controls to give players the opportunity to enjoy the best experience, and has created an Editor's Picks section to collate the very best products available.

The editor's picks include peripherals for both PC and gaming devices like Xbox and PlayStation, and shows the best rated items including gaming mice, gaming keyboards, and even gaming desktops and laptops, enabling gamers to find the very best rated items in a fraction of the time.

As well as offering a year in review comparison table for each major category, every item has its own full and comprehensive review, including an analysis of its features and unique selling points, advantages and disadvantages, and its cost and performance relative to competitors in the field.

A spokesperson for Epic Gaming Controls explained, "We have created the Editor's Picks section so those without the time to browse idly through hundreds of entries can find the very best rates items across all our categories, so if people want to follow the expert opinion, they need look no further. Because this applies to devices and peripherals equally, it is ideal for people searching for gift ideas or an upgrade for themselves, as they are guaranteed to get the ideal product right out of the gate. We even have direct links to the best-priced offer available online, so people know they're getting the best deal should they decide to buy."

About Epic Gaming Controls
Epic Gaming Controls is an online resource center created by avid gaming fans and experts to discuss peripherals, controllers, mice, joysticks and more so that people can get the most out of their gaming experience. The site may even be moving in to reviewing HD 3D printers in the near future. The site is regularly updated with impartial, insightful and actionable reviews.

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