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Net-It Launches New Online Business to Supply Construction Industry with Safety Nets is a brand new online store furnishing the construction and industrial sectors with the very best quality safety netting for unbeatable prices.


Auckland, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- A safety net is a metaphor for most people, but not those who work in the construction or industrial sectors, where safety nets provide an essential function in protecting the site, equipment and people from the serious potential consequences of accidents. Getting hold of high quality netting affordably is an essential for project managers looking to create a safe workplace, though it can be hard to source through traditional online outlets. Net-It is a new online businesses dedicated solely to providing amazing quality safety nets at affordable prices, sold direct to the industry.

The nets are made from high tensile, multi filament polypropylene and are completely knotless, using a means of construction that creates flatter catenaries for nets, reducing fall distance, and load for both the structure supporting the net, and any fallen objects or people, reducing damage and injuries.

They offer both residential and industrial netting depending on the particular requirements of the client and have nearly 20,000 square feet of netting in stock at any given moment. Their team is always on hand to consult with businesses and individuals and furnish them with a competitive quote, together with a timeline for delivery of these recommended products.

A spokesperson for Net-It explained, "We are excited to be launching this business, because we understand the difference we can make both to people's lives and to the success of construction projects throughout New Zealand and beyond. We have created our website to answer all questions an individual could have about safety netting, together with providing detailed information on our products, services and prices so business users can quickly orient themselves and see what a great deal we offer. We can't wait to help more businesses than ever get impeccable safety at amazing prices."

About Net-It
Net-It are a safety net company serving the construction industry. Their top priority is quality, efficiency and client satisfaction, including great prices on great quality products. All of the safety netting used by Net-It comply or exceed the European Standard BS EN1263-1. All nets manufactured to these standards are supplied with test patches, which can be used to test the ageing of the nets without recourse to their removal from service.

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