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AVMN Chamber Publishes New Updated Directory of the Best Pest Control Companies in Washington DC has spent hundreds of hours researching and reviewing the best pest control companies in Washington DC to create a resource center for users to quickly find quality pest control help.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- Spring has sprung, and life has returned to the natural world. As well as the many beautiful plants and animals that come into existence during this time, there is also a huge proliferation of pests, and cities find themselves swamped with rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants and even fleas during as summer approaches. AVMN Chamber is a website dedicated to helping people in Washington DC conquer their most common pest infestations, and has published a new directory of pest companies in DC.

The online resource center ( includes all the best-rated Washington DC pest control companies, and will enable users to have ready access to some of the best information available. As well as having information on the companies themselves, the new resource center also has an FAQ for users to determine when they should call a company, what the process involves, and even information on starting a career in pest control.

The resource center is just the latest in the planned expansion of the website, which already includes home remedies for dealing with minor infestations as well as information on the life cycle of different potential pests, in order to help people take direct action.

A spokesperson for explained, "We are pleased to be able to launch the AVMN Chamber resource center, as it will make our site more useful than ever to individuals who are facing moderate to severe pest infestations. While our home DIY guides will help people take care of minor problems, more serious situations have to be dealt with by professionals to prevent recurrence. In order to ensure the best value and best service for our users, we have only recommended the very best. We look forward to helping more people than ever manage their infestation problems."

About AVMN Chamber
AVMN Chamber is a pest control blog serving the DC area, helping residents either find professional help or DIY solutions to pest infestations. The site is regularly updated with information on a wide variety of pest control companies throughout the area, enabling people to get affordable, quality pest control. The site also features regular articles on household interventions that users can enact themselves.

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