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Central City Chamber Publishes Editorial on Dealing with the Three Biggest Pests in DC Metro Area

Central City Chamber is pest control site for the DC Metro area and has published information on handling the neighborhoods three most common and irritating pest infestations.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- Humans share the world with millions of different species, but people often think that the cities are a uniquely human preserve. That is doubtless why people are so frustrated when their own homes are invaded by the natural world, and almost exclusively by tiny pests that cause nuisance and irritation. Getting rid of pest infestations can be a challenge and often requires professional assistance. For that reason, Central City Chamber has created a tutorial on dealing with the three most common pests found in the DC Metro area, so individuals can save money by taking care of these pests themselves.

The article discusses termites, bed bugs and mosquitoes, and gives readers detailed information not only on how to take care of visible instances but also how to hunt down and find eggs and hidden populations that will cause the infestation to continue. It also shares how common household ingredients can be used to create pesticides to eradicate them.

For more severe infestations there is also a resource center ( on the website committed to providing information on the best quality and best value pest control companies in the DC Metro area, so individuals with serious problems can have them quickly, cleanly and professionally resolved in order to get back to their normal lives.

A spokesperson for Central City Chamber explained, "There is no doubt that as temperatures rise, so do pest numbers, and we are currently approaching the peak of the season, when more people than ever will face infestation from pests that can have serious effects on both their own health and the structural integrity of their homes. With such high stakes, it is important to get these infestations dealt with right away, which is why we offer information on the most reliable pest control companies, and why we have created this new article to help people cut off infestations before they get serious using every day home items."

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