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FireTracks to Start Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign


Mulino, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- FireTracks will launch its crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo today. The goal of the campaign is to garner support from visitors all over the world and raise $150,000.  The collected funds will be used to manufacture three complete Fire Fighter Tracking Systems and get these life saving devices into the hands of our first responders.

Speaking to the media, a representative from FireTracks said, "Yes, we've launched a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. We hope to gain a great deal of knowledge from fire fighter feedback.  Our goal is to eventually bring to market our exclusive Fire Fighter Tracking System for fire fighters everywhere. This life saving device can be of benefit to anyone needing to track and locate individuals inside a building." He further added, "We are looking for support from people across the globe to spread the news about this great new tool for fire fighters".

The Fire Fighter Tracking System is designed to be user friendly. Each fire fighter wears a beeper-like beacon that sends a signal back to a laptop where it is converted into a 3D coordinate and displayed in real time. It will enable Search & Rescue teams to hone in on the unique signals transmitted by each beacon. The closer the user gets to the wearer, the stronger the signal becomes. The aim of FireTracks is to beat the NFPA goal of locating an individual within 3-meters.

About FireTracks Fire Fighter Tracking System
The FireTracks Fire Fighter Tracking System can effectively locate a missing or wounded fire fighter in a building constructed from concrete, steel, glass, re-bar and/or brick. Since 2004, the FireTracks team has been working with electronics designers and manufacturers, scientists and fire fighters to help create the world's most accurate, simplest to use and affordable, real-time, fire fighter tracking and locating system.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Tim York
Contact number:   971-340-8620
Address:  PO Box 1158, Mulino, OR 97042-1158
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