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Electric Twin-Wheeled Scooter Q5 from Airwheel Technology


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2015 -- Commuting back and forth to work can become a chore if there is no pleasure to this activity. Work is stressful already and travelling to work should not add to this stress and to make sure it doesn't the electric twin-wheeled scooter Q5 promises an incredible super-fast ride.

The most unique feature about this electric twin-wheeled scooter is that one will have a tough time imagining how a scooter this light and handy can deliver top notch performance. Thanks to the intelligent design and clever incorporation of features, the scooter can whish and whoosh with no problems whatsoever.

With commute times going higher and with work commute becoming more tedious by the second, this electric self-balancing unicycle offers the perfect alternative to a cumbersome vehicle such as the car. Even through congested traffic, narrow roads and tough terrains, this scooter never disappoints.

For those who want to save on gas as well as on the time spent to travel and the frustration involved, this electric scooter is the best choice.

A scooter this high on performance hardly has a lightweight design as scooters with features to aid a power performance often end up in a heavy framework where the weight of the scooter can get in the way of a smooth ride.

With the twin-wheeled electric scooter Q5 that will never be the problem as it is engineered to have a light body that adds to the comfort of the rider and the speed of the vehicle. It is therefore, the best answer to a growing problem of quick and hassle free personal transportation.

About the Airwheel brand
A brand that stands true to its values of customer safety and comfort has an impressive range of cycles and scooters that are advanced but, just right for everyday use.

With the Q5 self-balancing unicycle the brand has worked in maintaining a functional design that almost anyone can use. Its sleek body and its comfort focused features make this scooter a true winner not just for its performance but, for its ability to blend with today's fast paced lifestyle.

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