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A Company That Adopts Unique Ways to Help Struggling Home Buyers and Sellers of Colorado

Loft Property Solutions, LLC Offers Unique Seller Financing Programs To Buyers


Fort Collins, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- That Loft Property Solutions, LLC helps Colorado people who find it difficult to buy a home or those who struggle to sell their homes is certainly great news. Unfortunately, due to the credit crisis of years past and the fact that banks have tightened their lending requirements, some Colorado home buyers are still finding it extremely difficult to get mortgage loans. Likewise, homeowners who have little or no equity or homes damaged by flooding, age, or other variables often find it difficult to sell their properties quickly.

Many buyers are not able to fulfill the lending criteria such as good credit scores, income limits, debt ratios, and down-payment requirements. Loft Property Solutions LLC buys homes throughout the entire Colorado Front Range often paying homeowners top dollar for their properties and offering them terms that can save these sellers thousands of dollars in taxes and fees. The company asserts that they do not rely on banks for buying these homes.

Chris Holthouser, owner of the company, says they always adopt a long-term approach, can take over existing mortgages, and relies on private lenders for buying properties. These homes are given for rent or "for sale by owner." The company makes use of various unique programs for selling them.

One of the options is to buy a home in as-is condition, paying very good prices to sellers, and the company then makes all efforts to close the sales very quickly. According to Chris, he needs just a single visit and a meeting with the homeowners for designing his game-plan and making his offer.

He never considers price as an issue and according to him, if the income the house can produce is good, he will consider the property. He always conducts an appraisal and makes a study of the recent comparable sales while taking into account the condition, the location and the financing options that can suit the property to decide what he should pay for it. He proudly says that his company buys one out of 4 properties they look at.

Chris denies that his company looks for sellers who are in distress. Instead, he makes it a point to warn sellers to beware of companies or real estate investors who target homeowners who are in financial distress.

Providing an opportunity for building "sweat equity" is one of the owner financing programs the company offers and according to the program, the company itself will buy properties in "as-is" condition and make them available to buyers. This approach gives buyers a unique opportunity to modify the property according to their preferences. Loft Property Solutions also offers another plan that is known as a down payment assistance plan. In this plan, buyers who struggle to mobilize the required down-payments, will have the option to choose the rent-to-own program of their choice.

The company assures buyers that they will make every effort to get them permanent bank financing. For those who struggle to get bank finance quickly, the company assures that they themselves will put forth effort to finance them.

Homeowners who are looking to sell their homes quickly and buyers who are not able to fulfill current lending requirements but wish to buy their own homes can approach them, says Loft Property Solutions. Similarly, those who have idle savings including retirement funds can become private lenders by associating with the company. They will earn 8 to 10% interest on the money they invest.

About Loft Property Solutions, LLC
Loft Property Solutions, LLC, Wyoming and Colorado helps buyers who are not able to fulfill the lending requirements laid down by banks and also assists sellers by offering them a non-traditional means of selling their homes. Chris Holthouser is the President of the company. The company is able to buy properties themselves for which they do not rely on bank loans. They adopt unique strategies such as taking over existing mortgages and engaging with private lenders to buy properties from all homeowners including those who struggle to sell their homes. The company uses many unique seller financing programs that help buyers who wish to own homes.

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