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No More Difficulties in Buying and Selling Homes in Colorado

Loft Property Solutions, LLC Does Not Rely On Bank Loans Nor Do They Adopt Conventional Ways For Helping Home Sellers And Buyers


Fort Collins, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- Buying or selling a home no longer needs to be difficult for Colorado homeowners because Loft Property Solutions, LLC is making things easy. It is true that the ongoing tightening of credit and lending requirements by banks and mortgage lenders are challenging the dreams of Colorado home buyers and sellers.

Though a number of buyers do not meet the tough lending criteria like credit scores, income verification, down payment amounts, and debt ratios, Chris Holthouser, President of Loft Property Solutions, LLC offers alternative solutions by buying and selling houses throughout the Colorado Front Range. The company does not rely on banks for doing this.

Chris's company takes a long-term approach and adopts strategies like taking over existing mortgages and bringing in private lenders to pay homeowners for their properties. Chris offers these properties for rent or "for sale by owner" by implementing unique seller financing programs.

Loft Property Solutions offers a number of options. The company itself buys the houses in as-is condition at top prices and closes on them within a few days. Chris says that a single visit to the property and a single discussion with the homeowners are enough for him to formulate his game-plan and offer.

Price is never an issue for him. The income the property can produce is the main criteria he takes into consideration. He does an appraisal and reviews the comparable sales that have taken place recently. What he pays depends upon the condition, the location and the financing options available for the property. His company buys at least one out of every 4 properties they see.

Chris emphatically denies that he looks for sellers in financial distress. In fact, he warns sellers about those companies and real estate investors who target distressed homeowners.

One of his owner financing programs provides an opportunity to build "sweat equity" in which buyers will get the property in "as-is" condition so they can modify it to suit their preferences. They also offer a down payment assistance plan in which buyers who do not have the required down-payment can opt for the rent-to-own program.

His company makes all possible efforts to get buyers permanent bank financing. If buyers are not able to get bank financing quickly, the company itself may be able to finance them.

So, those who want to sell their properties quickly and easily and those who do not qualify for a bank loan can get in touch with the company. Likewise, those who want to earn 8-10% of interest on their idle savings or retirement funds can also contact them about becoming one of their private lenders.

About Loft Property Solutions, LLC
Loft Property Solutions, LLC, Colorado offers the right solutions to buyers who do not qualify for home loans but want to own their homes as well as sellers who find it difficult to sell their homes. Chris Holthouser, President of Loft Property Solutions says his company does not rely on bank loans but he adopts various other strategies like taking over existing mortgages and bringing in private lenders for paying homeowners for the properties. Chris offers these properties for rent or "for sale by owner" for which he uses various seller financing programs.

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