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The Radio Agency Names "The Man Who Saved Radio"


Media, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2015 -- The Radio Agency works with all major radio networks and platforms to help their clientele get the exposure they need in a highly-competitive advertising marketplace. They focus their marketing efforts exclusively on "Sound Advertising" platforms to reach a vast network of listeners nationwide while providing the best radio advertising services possible. Their extensive experience in that advertising niche has provided them with an insight into radio broadcasting many others lack. As such, they have been privy to the major influencers and contributors that have kept this genre alive in an increasingly digital world. To celebrate one of the brightest industry stars, the Radio Agency recently named "The Man Who Saved Radio," Chris McCoy of WMGQ-FM.

Chris McCoy has been in the radio industry for decades and has worked for powerhouse stations ranked in the Top 10 radio markets. For the past eight years, he has been personalizing the listening experience and providing entertainment through the FM frequency with his morning radio broadcast at WMGQ, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. While he is not alone in the army of broadcasters who work diligently to fend-off "radio killers" like Pandora and MTV, his devoted, daily show prep keeps programming content fresh, reminding listeners why nothing can replace the banter and comradery of the radio. Listeners may be able to create their own online stations and play their favorite songs through their smartphones, but eventually a world that revolves around just one person can get lonely. That's where air personalities like Chris McCoy come in.

Chris McCoy engages his listeners through personal stories, current event discussions and continual involvement in the local communities. His family joins him at station events, he contributes to the station's social media outlets in his spare time, and he participates in local Habitat for Humanity projects. McCoy believes in the philosophy of "Know who your audience is, and super serve them." Through his work ethic and philosophy, McCoy is saving radio day-by-day, and the Radio Agency recognizes and commends that devotion.

As the Radio Agency notes, there are "qualities that make a great radio personality and a radio personality great," and Chris McCoy has them all. When you have amazing radio personalities like Chris McCoy to deliver your marketing message, you will always have people willing and eager to listen.

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