Publishes New Information on Responsibly Breeding and Rearing Cockapoos is a website that aims to help dog lovers succeed in the journey from puppy to loving companion with this increasingly popular dog breed by avoiding the major pitfalls and dangers.


Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2015 -- The cockapoo dog breed is growing more popular each year. A lovable combination of the cocker spaniel and poodle breeds, demand for these dogs is now outstripping supply. This has led to a marked increase in 'puppy mill' puppies being bred into the market, falling well short of acceptable standards. is a website that specializes in providing information for loving cockapoo owners, and has shared new information on how to responsibly source puppies.

Their information focuses on Cockapoo Breeders UK, and specifically novice breeders having a go but not reaching acceptable standards. Cockapoo expert and editor of Simon James advocates that prospective buyers should always request information on genetic testing and environmental standards for the puppies' critical first weeks, ensuring the cockapoo puppies for sale live up to ethical standards.

Editor of the site Simon James has been breeding cockapoos for over 10 years, and has even written a helpful book to promote responsible dog breeding and to guide prospective dog owners to avoid the pitfalls of buying from an irresponsible breeder. The website is his free resource offering the essentials to the public.

The site shares numerous facts on breeding, such as the F1, F2, F2b and F3 classifications, the number of registered breeders in the UK, the most common genetic disorders unscreened sires and dams can cause, and more. This helps people know what they are getting into before committing to a cockapoo puppy.

A spokesperson for explained, "There is a growing alarm among responsible breeders at the increasing numbers of irresponsibly sourced cockapoos out there, and these create a real distress for owners who often find their puppies developing congenital issues and diseases, costing a fortune in veterinary bills. We help people avoid that, as well as getting the most out of the whole life of their cockapoo, with training and behavioral tips, lifestyle and nutritional advice and more. We are committed to helping people get the most from dog ownership, and that starts with getting the best puppies."

The Cockapoo website was built to promote responsible cockapoo breeding practices and dog ownership. Anyone contemplating buying a cockapoo dog or looking for expert advice about buying a cockapoo will find invaluable resources available through the website, which is regularly updated by a committed and passionate team of experts. For more information please visit: