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Psychologist Discusses the 'IKEA Rage Test', Interior Supply Responds


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2015 -- Leading UK supplier of European furniture, Interior Supply, have recently commented on the 'IKEA Rage Test', which was coined by psychologist Ramani Durvasula, an idea that constructed the furniture often causes break ups.

Professor Durvasula has determined that furniture purchased from IKEA can be a test for many relationships, due to the frustration that comes with setting them up. Particularly of note is the Liatorp storage, which is considered the toughest to build, with a 32 page instruction booklet, and 169 screws to contend with when building. Not forgetting that the screws are a collection of 22 different types and there are 13 pieces of wood to root through. It has been labelled as 'the ultimate relationship test'.

At £825, the 9ft wide, 7ft high shelf has been highlighted as the toughest in the IKEA range, and Professor Durvasula said, 'Some pieces of furniture require two hands, two people, pieces of glass, making drawers.

Because it requires so much collaboration, so much cooperation, and there's a potential that someone could get hurt if this thing comes crashing down, you better be on the same page. This statement shows that the construction can't be completed alone, hence the relationship test.

Professor Durvasula isn't the only person to deem IKEA furniture a nightmare to assemble, and parodies on Twitter have cropped up displaying just how tedious a task it is to construct a simple shelf or table. Even the hit comedy show 30 Rock has featured the iconic furniture, with a show breakup over an attempted construction of one of the company's products.

Often commenting on industry news, a spokesperson for Interior Supply said, 'Sometimes furniture can be a pain to set up, and quite often it just isn't worth it. And it doesn't tend to last either, making it even more of a frustrating experience, as you just know it won't be long till you have to go back and replace the table or shelf with a new one waiting to be constructed. Sometimes it's just better to avoid the concept of construction all together, and invest in something which will last, and lack any sense of rage.

At interior supply, our range of high quality furniture is a lifetime investment, and requires no rage test to set up either!'

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