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Flex Surveys Creates New Employee Engagement Surveys to Help Businesses Optimize Productivity

Flex Surveys is now able to create employee engagement surveys that include distinct approaches to measurement, resulting in comprehensive three dimensional analysis and breakthrough implications.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2015 -- While statistics are maligned for their common misuse to serve agendas within the news and entertainment media, their potential for good is huge within the employment sector. Happy workers are of course more productive, and engagement is one of the most important factors in employee satisfaction and productivity. Flex Surveys has created a new method of employee engagement survey design that takes into account a vast number of variables to give organizations actionable intelligence on how to improve.

The Flex engagement surveys are notably affordable, straightforward and easy to implement. Special advisors take the time to work with each organization to help select the right questions to assess employee satisfaction and gather requisite data that aligns with their business model and objectives.

This is step one of the process. Once the survey is deployed and employees have provided their input, Flex advisors will tabulate the data and create an array of meaningful interpretations / charts / diagrams; ensuring to identify significant correlations and trends so that businesses can formulate a plan of action. The surveys are now offered in 3 platforms, from simple to more comprehensive. Employees are asked for their feedback by answering questions/statements in terms of their likelihood, satisfaction or agreement on a scale of one to five. In addition, participants have the opportunity to add details/critique in comment boxes which provides invaluable qualitative data. These different scales enable deeper analysis of a wider variety of answers; assessing hypothetical, objective and subjective metrics.

A spokesperson for Flex Surveys explained, "Our new employee engagement surveys help businesses create viable action plans for improving their employee productivity, by identifying weak spots in employee engagement across all touch points. The latest tests offer the best and most comprehensive analysis ever, and are designed to give businesses the edge in creating a competitive workplace environment in which people love to work, and want to give their best. Cultural innovation is increasingly the key to success in 21st century business, and we provide the concrete data upon which to base successful strategies."

About Flex Surveys
Flex Surveys strives to make every company better from the inside out. They do this by helping clients get to know their employees better, using a dedicated advisor to create a unique employee engagement survey for the company in question. With a vast array of reporting options to guarantee maximum clarity and actionable implications, together with complete third party confidentiality, they help inspire and motivate companies to new heights. In addition to Employee Engagement Survey they also specialize in providing a number of services that include: 360 Surveys, Employee Entrance Surveys, Employee Exit Surveys, NPS (Net Promoter Score) Surveys, and Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

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