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Aundance Yoga Retreat Sweepstakes Winner Announced


Sellano, Perugia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2015 -- Abundance Yoga Retreats in Italy are ready to announce their 2015 Sweepstake Winner. The lucky winner was Claire Harrison an actress who was amazed as she 'never' wins anything usually.

There were over 1000 entries and some even tried to enter more than once such was the demand for such a sought after retreat. Of course not everyone could be a winner, but runners up were offered discounts to help them with their loss. But there is good news for the runners up … a second chance as the June issue of Om Yoga Magazine features another sweepstake and another lucky winner will be announced there.

Abundance Yoga Retreats are held throughout Summer 2015 at San Flaviano Monastery in Umbria, Italy.

Other retreats held there include 'Power Yoga Bootcamp' and 'Bikini Bootcamp / Bridal Bootcamp'

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For Om Yoga Magazine Sweepstake http://www.ommagazine.com/abundance