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Egypt Lawson Making a Difference in the Lives of the Ones That Need It with the Pink Lipstick Ball


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2015 -- The fight against cancer can be the worst there is. To hear this diagnose from the doctor's mouth is world shattering. Everything you know, all your life, is about to change completely. Unfortunately, this disease is so spread that almost all of us have a family member, friends, a colleague or someone we heard about, who is suffering from some form of cancer. Breast cancer is one of the most frequent forms of cancer affecting women worldwide. It does have a high rate of healing if tracked in a timely manner, but it will leave scars, like lack of hair and feeling unattractive. And we all know just how important it is for a woman to feel attractive and beautiful for her self-esteem and confidence.

The Pink Lipstick Ball is organized having in mind all the people what want to make a difference in this cause and for the people that suffer because of hair loss, due to medical reasons. Whether it is cancer or an alopecia case, due to particular medical reasons, this upcoming Ball wishes to make a positive impact in these communities. We all know that cancer treatment, like chemo and radiations, also destroy the good cells of the body, including the one that produce hair. So even though a person that managed to win the battle against this awful disease should be proud of her, she will have a bitter taste whenever seeing herself in the mirror. A medical wig made out of natural hair is something that can bring an enormous improvement in the life of such persons. But they are not afforded by many women or children that experienced such harsh treatments.

About Egypt lawson
Egypt Lawson is an iconic figure when it comes to giving natural human hair wigs to women and children with financial and health problems. She is the wig designer of Hairline Illusions, a company that creates custom made wigs, using the finest natural hair and computer programs to make the perfect wig. Celebrities wear the wigs made by Egypt Lawson, due to their high quality and untraceable features. Hairline Illusions has donated over 500 wigs made this way, since 2006, for charity purposes and to help women and children to need them to improve their already tormented lives. The Pink Lipstick Ball will make no exception since Egypt Lawson will donate, again, her wonderfully made wigs to the cause of supporting cancer and alopecia victims.

Don't be a stranger to this cause, since you may for sure know a person who might need help because of cancer. The Pick Lipstick Ball is planned to happen in October 2016, in New York, but fundraising will start prior to this event to help sustain the cause. It isn't a ball just for the rich and famous, who have the power to donate, but it is an event for everybody, just like you, who wish to make a change. Join this event and choose to celebrate life and women empowerment. Every cancer survivor deserves a chance to a better and beautiful life, even if it means to wear a wig.

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