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OgaSilachi Releases New Single 'Leona Nwa'


Bronx, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2015 -- Oga'Silachi has released his new music single 'Leona Nwa' in a small press meeting here recently. Leona Nwa is a beautiful love song made for the strong minded woman. As the name suggests, Leona represents the strong-minded and lioness like attitude these woman exude. These are the woman who, through each upset still manages to make things work in their favour.

The song is about the most beautiful and caring woman. The single mainly reflects on how badly the guy wishes to be with 'Leon Nwa'. In fact the guy has been having dreams and just reminiscing on how it will be to be with "Leona Nwa." The song resembles very much like the beginning of the Movie 'the Notebook'.

The song just has been released but catching the attention of all music lovers and critics. Experts are also considering it as one of the best songs coming from US. Oga'Silachi is grabbing the attention with his unique capability to make great Afronb and afrobeat. He is considered as one of the best singers and music artists in genre of Afronb and afrobeat.

Speaking to the media, the spokesperson of Oga'Silachi stated, "We are excited to announce the release of this new single 'Leon Nwa' by Oga'Silachi. It is been few days the song has been released, every music lover is appreciating the song. This hottest song is getting love and appreciation from both music lovers and critics."He further added, "Oga'Silachi is getting huge response from his fans. He is also getting several proposals from directors and producers in music industry."

The music of Oga'Silachi is attracting producers and directors from across the world. Some magazines even have declared him as the next Akon of this generation. Oga'Silachi could possibly be amongst the best such as afrobeat artist Wizkid and Davido.

About Oga'Silachi
Oga'Silachi is a new singer, song writer and music producer from Nigeria. He is attracting a number of music lovers and producers with his latest release 'Leona Nwa'. He is one of the best artists from AfronB genre.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Kwadwo Bediako
Contact Number: 718-576-9812
Address: 1591 Metropolitan Ave Apt 3h, Bronx, NY 10462