Scoliosis Surgery in Los Angeles – A Promising New Treatment That Is Slowly Gaining Popularity

The spine is the most vital organ of the body as it provides support, balance, and flexibility and absorbs the shocks and stress that impact the skeletal frame. A spine deformity can, therefore, result in debilitating symptoms and daily stress. If the painful symptoms are not treated on time, it may also result in permanent disability or paralysis.


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2015 -- ProMedSpine is a trusted and reputed spine wellness facility located in Los Angeles offering proven and powerful treatments for patients suffering from an abnormal spine curvature. There are three different types of spine deformities out of which scoliosis is the most common and affects many. It is an abnormal lateral curvature that involves both the lumbar and the thoracic region.

The spinal fusion surgery has proven to be a highly effective treatment procedure to correct scoliosis and other degenerative disorders. This procedure involves the replacement of spinal discs with the help of bone grafts which create a stable and solid fusion of the vertebrae in the curved segment. While the fusion takes place, rods are attached to support the spine. This entire procedure needs only an inch-long incision and employs the use of TLIF (Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion) technique wherein the incision is made from the posterior region of the spine. Another safe and effective technique which is clinically known as Extreme Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion is performed from the lateral region and needs multiple fusions which is why it is less commonly used.

Get Advanced Spinal Care With Scoliosis Surgery In Los Angeles

About Scoliosis Surgery
Scoliosis surgery in Los Angeles is an endoscopic procedure which involves the use of a highly sophisticated optic camera for clear vision and accuracy. This camera is attached to a high definition monitor which allows precise operation of critical areas. A minimally intrusive scoliosis surgery results in minimal blood loss and scarring and has a much faster recovery rate. At Promedspine, this surgery is only recommended when the curvature is beyond 40 degrees and it prevents the progression of the curvature. This medical condition can also lead to paralysis if it is not corrected before the deformity starts progressing. The main aim of this surgery is to eliminate the painful symptoms, reduce the deformity and prevent further progression. Promedspine is committed to advanced surgical treatments and personalized patient care. The facility offers world-class interventions in the most conducive environment to facilitate faster recovery. Other treatment alternatives for scoliosis include medication, surgery & therapy. Get scoliosis surgery or spinal deformity treatment done at ProMedSpine and experience permanent relief from back pain.

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