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Teethwhitening Kits2You Announces Release of Brand New 7-Light LED Teeth Whitening Device


Hartlepool, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2015 -- An online wholesaler and retailer of teeth whitening gel products for at-home and trade use, TeethWhiteningKits2You.co.uk, has announced the introduction of a brand new device that is clinically proven to increase the effectiveness of teeth whitening gel by nearly 100 per cent.

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry service in the United States, and the at-home teeth whitening products niche is growing and driving sales in the dental health products industry both in the UK and abroad. While studies show that many people do often see results from at-home teeth whitening kits, it is difficult for many individuals to get results that rival those of professional treatments when whitening at home.

The new product from TeethWhiteningKits2You.co.uk is an innovation that can enhance the effectiveness of teeth whitening gel to help users see the results they desire. Called the 7 LED Light Soft Mouth Piece with Brushes, it addresses both of the main causes of tooth discolouration: dental plaque and staining.

Unlike other teeth whitening trays on the market, the 7 LED Light Soft Mouth Piece with Brushes is outfitted with cleaning brushes that move against the teeth at speeds of 16,000 vibrations per minute. Acting like high-powered toothbrushes, these uniquely designed bristles are highly effective at sweeping away plaque that is contributing to yellowing. The actions of the bristles not only promote whiter teeth, but they also help to protect the teeth from decay and the gums from bacteria that causes gum disease.

The 7 LED Light Soft Mouth Piece with Brushes also improves results from whitening by helping sodium perborate teeth whitening gel dissolve stains more rapidly. The seven lights help to increase the speed of the reaction that cleans away discolouration. While there are other LED light trays available for purchase on the market today, most have only three lights, making them less effective.

Teeth Whitening Kits 2 You will offer the 7 LED Light Soft Mouth Piece with Brushes in multiple teeth whitening kits that also include a teeth whitening gel that is EU approved.

To learn more about the mouth piece or about http://www.teethwhiteningkits2you.co.uk/, please contact sales@teethwhiteningkits2you.co.uk.

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