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Project Manager Scott Wilson Liaison with Hytrol Conveyor Integration Partners

Project Manager Scott Wilson Liaison with Hytrol Conveyor Integration Partners


Jonesboro, AR -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2015 -- Scott Wilson with Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., believes Hytrol has always led the industry in innovative products, "Having the opportunity to see these products in our customers' facilities operating and seeing the satisfaction from our customers is by far the most exciting part of my job. Our Integration Partners are the core of our business. I enjoy getting to know each one of them. Through strong relationships helping them succeed in the market place becomes second nature. I look forward to each project from the time an order comes to Hytrol until its completion."

Hytrol is the manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions, attributes industry success to the close partnership with global partnership with Integration Partners. Wilson serves as Hytrol's project manager, a liaison between the integration partners by planning and organizing all resources ensuring that the goals and objectives of each project are met.

Wilson's responsibilities include organizing customer visits, reviewing customers' orders and drawings, organizing system design meetings with the customer, creating shipping schedule, monitoring and tracking shipments, as well as visiting the installation site for support and acceptance.

Brandy Lloyd, Director of Engineering, supervises Wilson. According to Lloyd, "Wilson always puts the customer first. He has a deep understanding of their unique system requirements, and he prioritizes each project according to their individual objectives. His background in engineering allows him to identify innovative solutions to challenging situations. His ability to communicate calmly and effectively ensures successful project completions."

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Hytrol Conveyor Co., Inc. (http://www.hytrol.com) designs and manufactures advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions for customers with processing, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution needs. For over 65 years, Hytrol has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to understanding the unique material handling needs of businesses. Hytrol is focused on creating innovative, customized conveyor solutions that help companies achieve their goals.

Hytrol's consistent growth is strengthened by its Integration Partner Network, with over 100 locations worldwide. Hytrol's Technology Center is the birthplace for many industry-changing solutions, such as EZLogic® accumulation conveyors and the E24™, an energy efficient, motor driven roller conveyor series. These technologies are complemented by Hytrol's sortation offerings, the ProSort 400 Elite series high speed shoe sorter, as well as the ProSort MRT series narrow belt sorter. Follow Hytrol on Twitter @hytrol.

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