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AMCAP Mortgage Increases Consumer Awareness of USDA Home Loans

New campaign reported by designed to help hopeful home buyers understand ease of qualifing for these no down-payment, low-interest mortgages


Spring, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2015 -- Home ownership is still out of reach for many people, or so they may think. For those who are employed and looking for a primary residence, but have been hesitant to begin shopping for a place to call their own, AMCAP Mortgage and their latest campaign may be just what they have been seeking. AMCAP wants all Texas residents to understand how valuable USDA Loans are, and how they are much more attainable than many may think.

According to Gerry Nicodemus, spokesperson for AMCAP Mortgage, many potential home buyers are not aware of what these loans offer in terms of savings and how easy it is to discover if they are qualified. "People hear that the Department of Agriculture is offering loans and they mistakenly believe that the loans are for purchasing farms. This is not the case, these loans are for any rural home that will be the primary residence of the purchaser. Commercial properties, like farms, are not eligible for this type of funding."

Nicodemus explained that these 100% Financing Home Loans are offered with no down payment required. The interest is always quite favorable for the buyer and only a small two percent fee may be required at closing. There is no limit on the price of the property that can be mortgaged, as long as the buyer has the income needed to repay the loan. Buyers are able to later refinance their loans with the USDA and still receive a low interest rate.

"This not a program only for first time home buyers or for those with bad credit. USDA Loan Requirements expect that home buyers have at least a good credit rating in order to qualify." Stated Nicodemus. "We do have some leeway with those that have only fair credit, if they are able to provide an acceptable explanation as to why their credit score is so low. We can also work with those who have not earned any credit rating yet."

"Not all lending institutions offer these type of loans, only those that are approved lenders." Explained Nicodemus. "We are happy to work with potential home buyers to help them understand what type of loan and loan amount they are qualified for and to answer any questions they make have about how the program works. We are also always willing to seek out other options in the event that a USDA loan is not a possibility for them. "

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AMCAP Mortgage is a licensed lender in Texas and 20 other states across the Southwest and Midwest United States. They specialize in providing numerous financing options to all borrowers. They offer USDA, FHA and VA loans as well as non-conforming loans and conventional mortgage financing. Because AMCAP sees each customer as an individual they work hard to seek out the loan option that will be the most beneficial for them.