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Active Family Chiropractic Opens New Chiropractic and Massage Business in Gresham, Oregon

Active Family Chiropractic is a new, Gresham based chiropractic and massage practice opened by Michelle Chard, DC, CACCP and Michelle Waggoner, DC, CCSP to provide family based care.


Troutdale, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2015 -- Chiropractic care pertains to the diagnosis and treatment of the bones, muscles, joints and nerves in the body. A surprisingly large amount of day to day pain and discomfort is preventable through the use of chiropractic methods, and chiropractic problems can affect people of all ages, even newborns. Active Family Chiropractic is a new practice in Gresham, Oregon created to offer pain relief and wellness with our two qualified chiropractic practitioners and 2 licensed massage therapists.

With an office conveniently located in downtown Gresham, Oregon, the service provides a wide range of chiropractic and massage techniques. This includes pediatric care, Webster Technique, prenatal and perinatal care, Craniosacral technique, Active Release Technique, injury and sports rehab, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage and relaxation massage.

As well as offering these fully medical approaches to curing serious injuries or ailments, they also offer a suite of more relaxed services for helping people improve their alignment and posture, strengthen their bodies through exercise or relax from stress and tension with deep tissue massage. They hope to offer a comprehensive suite of care approaches for all family needs.

Dr. Waggoner stated, "At Active Family Chiropractic we want to help the whole family be more active and stay active. We truly enjoy helping people get back to sports, weekend activities or their jobs. I love to see athletes come in with pain, leave with no pain and tell me they performed better at their next sporting event." Dr. Chard adds, "No woman should have to go through their pregnancy in pain. There are lots of things that can be done to assist them in their pregnancy and help set the baby up for an easier birth. Additionally, infants and children go through a lot of changes and adjustments help them have bodies that are healthier and move better as adults."

About Active Family Chiropractic
Active Family Chiropractic offer specialized family chiropractic care and massage. Dr. Chard is the resident expert in pregnancy care and pediatrics. Dr. Waggoner has specialized training to help athletic users stay in the game. Their highly trained doctors are here to help families stay active and healthy, and can treat dysfunctions related to bones, muscles, nerves or joints. For more information please visit: