Truthy Ruthy Has Succeeded in Influencing Kids to Tell the Truth

Truthy Ruthy is best-seller for kids on Amazon


Tel Aviv, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2015 -- Many parents report that the children's book 'Truthy Ruthy', has succeeded in influencing their kids to start telling the truth, thanks to a brilliant idea.

Truthy Ruthy is about a five-year-old girl who doesn't always tell the truth. Her family doesn't know how to deal with the issue, until her father comes up with a brilliant idea; he changes the rules of the game! Although his idea is somewhat unconventional, it works!

This surprising children's book offers a creative answer to a familiar problem, and helps children to understand, by themselves, the importance of being honest. It is ideal for children aged 3 to 8, as well as parents, teachers and coaches. Truthy Ruthy is a humorous and fun story that provides unexpected solutions that will help kids to tell the truth.

Author Sari Barel quotes, "According to the feedback that I received from parents (and their children), this is a creative idea that actually works in real life! In fact, parents reported that their children understood the idea on their own, and that reading the book has resulted in 'real' changes in their families, and even in their own lives. Parents were surprised that by simply thinking 'outside the box', such real and rapid changes could be made."

Sari Barel is an expert in the development of creative-thinking and author of the best-selling popular 'Truthy Ruthy' series; books for children and their parents.

The book includes wonderful, delightful, free gifts such as the 'True or False' Games. These are great games that can be played as a family activity, developing the imaginations of children and encouraging good communication between family members.

The book also includes a template for a 'Certificate of Excellence'. Parents can give these certificates to mark special occasions such as 'telling the truth', 'being a good friend', 'making an apology' and the like. "Through my books I aim to help readers to realize that 'creativity' is a state of mind," says Sari.

Not only is Sari an author and expert in the development of creative thinking, she is also a copywriter, life coach and mediator. "My books open the readers' minds to endless possibilities and alternatives to their journey through life. I inspire adults and children alike, to escape from restrictive thinking and realize their full potential; to live their lives happily."

Due to the success of Truthy Ruthy on Amazon, Sari Barel has created further children's books starring this smart girl and her unique family, with messages from 'outside the box' for kids and parents – "Truthy Ruthy series"

About Sari Barel
Sari Barel is an international expert in the development of creative thinking. Her creative journey includes almost anything to do with writing, from copywriting to film writing and, of course, writing books; acting; painting and helping people in their life-journey as a coach, mediator and educator. In addition, she holds an MEI - Master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (from ISEME, an extension of the University of Swinburne, Australia) in addition to a teaching degree. Sari the author of the popular best-selling "Truthy Ruthy" series of books for children and their parents. When she is not writing, you might find her leading a creative-thinking and innovation workshop. Sari is also a co-authored the "Think Like a Zebra®" book series which introduces a unique method for escaping restrictive thinking patterns.

Author: Sari Barel Illustrator: Neda F. Genre: Children's books age 4-8, Values


Twitter: @SariBarel

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Some Reviews:
"…Instead of responding by yelling and screaming or with a spanking, Ruthy's dad used a bit of psychology to turn the tables on Ruthy and show her why lying had consequences… This story by Sari Barel teaches a valuable lesson about why being honest and truthful is the best policy for both kids and grownups. It's a short, simple story that should hold a kid's attention long enough to make the point."
J. Chambers TOP 50 REVIEWER on Amazon

"... Not only is this little story entertaining but it also carries a very unique way of learning how to stop not telling the truth. This book is a joint venture for children and parents, and as usual Sari Barel handles it very well indeed."

It's shows how the Dad, taught "Ruthy" to become "Truthy" with verbal lessons and reverse psychology...When a small child fibs and starts not to tell the truth it can become a bad habit...Screaming and yelling at them will get you no where..
Will Ruthy finally learn a very important lesson...I highly recommend this book, because it will hold your child's attention and engage them into talking.......
Robin Lee TOP 500 REVIEWER on Amazon

"Good cunning plan by the dad leads Ruth to some reflection on her behavior.
An interesting story and a good message.
Dr. Nicholas P. G. Davies TOP 1000 REVIEWER VINE VOICE on Amazon UK

"This is a short and sweet story aimed at reminding children (of all ages) why telling the truth is not only something mommy and daddy want for them to do but a best practice to last their whole life through… GinaR in